French Organ Mass anyone?

Has anyone here attended a French Organ Mass? I hear they are quite beautiful.

I haven’t, but I’ve heard recordings. The Kyrie from Widor’s Messe a deux choeurs et deux orgues gives me the thrilling shivers!

Keep in mind that these “organ masses” were music to be played during a low mass, a practice that I think is now discouraged.

Many parishes of the Institute of Christ the King have French Organ Masses regularly.

I’m a bit confused now. Does “French Organ Mass” refer to a Mass by a French composer in which the organ features prominantly, or does it have some other meaning? The other comment about low Masses makes me wonder.

A French Organ Mass is a Low Mass inaudible to the congregation, with the organ playing in the background for the entire Mass (except for a moment when it stops for the consecration). It is called a French Organ Mass because it originated in France.

According the Wikipedia, the organ Mass refers to music played to cover the low Mass.

According to what I read somewhere (don’t remember) there were some other variations of the oragn Mass ranging from organ music at the Offertory, Elevation (this is actually permitted according tho the Caeremoniale) and Communion to full scale peices that replaced the choirs texts, either in whole or part (by alterting with them). Actually there are some pieces in this style written for Vespers. I know Morales wrote one. I should find it and post it.

Facinating. I never knew of such a thing. Thanks.

When the Choir was on break, and we had Low Masses every Sunday the Organ still was in the background playing. So, maybe it is common in the FSSP as well?

Was it a dialogue Mass or a silent Mass?

Silent Mass.

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