French pool bans 'burkini' swim

French officials have banned a Muslim woman from swimming in a public pool while wearing a swimsuit that covers her entire body. The woman had swum in July in the pool in Emerainville, east of Paris, in the “burkini” - a loose-fitting garment resembling a wetsuit with a hood. But staff stopped her from swimming in August, citing hygiene concerns.It comes as the government examines ways to limit burka use after the president said they reduced dignity. France is home to Western Europe’s largest population of Muslims, with about 5 million living there.

France is home to Western Europe’s largest population of Muslims, with about 5 million living there.

*’‘That type of suit does not exist in the Koran,’’ Mayor Alain Kelyor

At the pool, staff “reminded [the woman] of the rules that apply in all (public) swimming pools which forbid swimming while clothed,” pool management official Daniel Guillaume was quoted by AFP as saying. The woman was a French convert to Islam, and had bought the swimsuit in Dubai so that she would not have to uncover herself to go swimming. “Quite simply, this is segregation,” she said, according to Le Parisien newspaper, which identified her only as Carole. “I will fight to try to change things. And if I see that the battle is lost, I cannot rule out leaving France.”

Emerainville Mayor Alain Kelyor said “all this has nothing to do with Islam”, adding that the swimsuit was “not an Islamic swimsuit” and that “that type of suit does not exist in the Koran”.

**‘Prisoners behind netting’

In June the French National Assembly appointed 32 MPs to a six-month fact-finding mission to look at ways of restricting burka use. In a major policy speech that month, President Nicolas Sarkozy said the burka - a garment covering women from head to toe - reduced them to servitude and undermined their dignity. “We cannot accept to have in our country women who are prisoners behind netting, cut off from all social life, deprived of identity,” Mr Sarkozy told a special session of parliament in Versailles. In 2004, France banned the Islamic headscarves in its state schools.

Here are a few photos of ‘‘burkini’s’’’ -

The first bathing suits covered the wearer from neck to ankles in yards of black wool. Up till that time, beaches were segregated by sex and people swam in the nude.

The people who run the pool have a right to make the rules for users, though I think they are being silly.

And I know that were I to appear in a Speedo or similar tight suit, the bystanders would curse their eyes.

Perhaps Brigitte Bardot could start the civil rights movement to help Muslim women, and wear a burkini to the beach! Jane Fonda might want to lend a helping hand, too. I imagine Hanoi Jane being photographed as Riviera Jane in burkini.

But seriously, I would allow that woman to wear her burkini. Topless women are allowed in France, why not women with burkinis?

Perhaps Brigitte Bardot could start the civil rights movement to help Muslim women, and wear a burkini to the beach! Jane Fonda might want to lend a helping hand, too. I imagine Hanoi Jane being photographed as Riviera Jane in burkini.

You’ve not been following the political career of BB, have you?

I agree with their limiting the use of Burkha’s but this is ridiculous.

Kaninchen, I just saw that she was convicted for her open letter to the French President, in which she said that she is fed up with being under the thumb of “this population” - i.e. Muslims that slaughter sheep during their religious festival.

My thinking was that she pioneered the rights of crazy Western women to get naked in public, she may want now to pioneer other crazy Western women’s right to be extremely dressed up in a swimming pool. Frankly, of these two extremes, I find that the burkini is less problematic and less evil, when Western women wear it out of their free will. Living in Miami beach, I’m totally convinced that any supermodel’s right to swim in a burkini wouldn’t be questioned for a moment, if she were to choose this method of protecting her skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

I have to admit though that I failed to consider the French reality, with a population of some 5 million non-Western Muslims, and whether their women would wear burkinis out of their free will, and how much of a danger of coercion exists in their traditional communities. So, I apologize for not considering the French realities adequately.

Regarding the slaughter of sheep at Muslim festivals, I would see no problem provided that the animals were slaughtered quickly and not allowed to suffer. I guess those sheep just end up being turned into shish kebab, which is delicious. :stuck_out_tongue: But again, I might be wrong on this, too…

Svim vear! :smiley:

Somebody should try this “rule” about not swimming fully clothed by going to the pool in one of those 1880s-90s “bathing costumes” that includes a knee-length skirt and stockings.

OK, how about swimming in the ocean, in a burkini? Is that also forbidden in France? Well, maybe they feel a burden to protect the sharks, from biting on dirty stockings.

Ridiculous. Although I guess I should not be surprised.
Apparently a woman can be as immodest as is possible almost showing every bit of her anatomy. But a women who covers herself is forbidden.
I hope I never am forced to wear a burka, chaudor, hijab etc. However, I cannot imagine forbidding a woman to do so who feels she is in control of her virtue by wearing such things.:tsktsk:

It’s her association with the ‘Front National’ (she married one of the leading figures) I meant really. It’s heir to a lot of ultra-right nasties going back to Vichy and beyond.

This ridiculous. How in any way is that “burkini” going to hurt anyone? I don’t see any harm in actually letting a woman wear something that is actually modest and safe. Sometimes I wonder what has happened to our world.

So she gets convicted for exercising free speech? For voicing an opinion? Or perhaps for conspiring in insurrection?

The burkhas and burkinis are banned because it signifies subservience and undermines their dignity? Set that precedent and what are chances that they will move on to the holy nuns who have maintained a full habit? Lots of folks mistakenly think the Catholic Church supresses women, too.
I think it’s also very insightful of Joseph Varga to point out that if a woman claimed to be doing this for protection from the sun, it would be seen as a great thing.
Didn’t the article say she was a convert? So, she accepted all of this as an adult and has made an informed decision.
Dangerous times.

In Muslim countries, women will be beaten if they don’t wear garbage bags over their bodies. Stupid liberals see it as “fashion” and try to imitate it.
I work with Catholic Legal Immigration Charities and our female clients spent so much time and effort to escape countries that treat them as “things.” Stupid liberals see being treated as “things” a fetish and feel the need to start sex clubs where people act like animated objects to satisfy sexual desires.
I think our current society is so hellbent on overindulgence and political correctness that we have forgotten who we are and what is right and what is wrong. I am not amused by this new trend. I say let the French President handle this. Their constitution is different than ours.

French are very proud of their culture. I think that it is commendable that they would expect French cultural norms to be honored by all their citizens. For the country that invented the bikini, I can see where the burquini would be a travesty against al that the French hold sacred and dear.

There is no reason that France needs to follow the road to multiculturalism. For people who chose to live in France, it is not wrong to expect them to act like the French. If they do not want to be French, then perhaps there are other countries that are better suited to their own values.

Well, it wasn’t for defending Muslim women’s right to wear a burkini, that’s for sure.

She was essentially convicted of inciting racial hatred; her 5th conviction to-date. Not surprising considering her open opposition, in her book, to what she considers tainting the French gene-pool with Muslim blood. :rolleyes: She’s ethnocentric and she has no qualms about expressing her disdain for Muslims…except before a judge.


She is a thought criminal and double plus ungood. Send her to the MinTru. Thank you Europe for making Orwell right (and soon Ayn Rand).

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