French President Hollande’s barber ‘makes €10,000 a month’, sworn to secrecy


France 24:

French President Hollande’s barber ‘makes €10,000 a month’, sworn to secrecy

The barber who tends to French President François Hollande’s hair earns a monthly net income of €9,895, a French newspaper revealed Wednesday, adding that the hairdresser is also committed to secrecy and needs to be available 24/7. Identified only as Olivier B., the president’s hairdresser started on his five-year contract when Hollande took office in 2012. The contract also includes perks including financial aid with housing “and other family-related advantages”, weekly satirical newspaper Le Canard Enchainé said, citing his lawyer Sarah Levy.

But the job requires full commitment, the lawyer said in the article published on Wednesday, meaning the hairdresser needs to be “available for the president 24/7”, and is sworn to secrecy regarding any information he may learn while on the job.
“He missed the birth of his children,” the lawyer said, adding he had to sell off his own salon at a discounted price because of his busy schedule.

According to the newspaper, the Elysée palace has “fully” confirmed the information, saying the hairdresser looks after Hollande’s hair “every morning and as many times as is necessary, [and] ahead of every speech”. He also travels with the French leader on most trips that last longer than a day.
The news of the hairdresser’s salary and working conditions quickly caused a buzz in French media and on social networks, poking fun at the president’s hair under the hashtag #coiffeurgate (hairdressergate).

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I guess this is how socialist leaders get their hair cut. I wonder if the Soviet leaders made their barbers swear to secrecy.


Well, I guess a politician does need an on-the-spot hair job every once in a while …

… can’t really judge. :shrug:


It’s how any political leader will get their hair cut. Let’s not even get into Trump’s coiffeur situation :shrug:


Nah, if you were Stalin’s barber, that was probably implict in the “if you screw up, you goink to gulag!” vibe of the time.


Seems to me it would be idiotic NOT to swear your barber to secrecy. I’m just a random girl in England and I tell my hairdresser all sorts of things on my mind. Goodness knows what Hollande, Merkel, Obama, Cameron (or now, May), etc, tell their hairdressers…


Cheaper to elect a bald guy!


I am unclear about who pays the barber’s salary. Would you expect a socialist to be frugal with other peoples’ money? That would be unusual.


I remember long ago when I was a student in St. Louis, I had the best barber I ever had before or since. He was Italian, as were all the barbers in that shop. He gave me a break on the price because he was from Alpine Italy and I had some ancestry from there. Never used a scissors. He maintained that a really good barber only uses a straight razor to cut hair, and that’s exactly how he cut my hair. They really were perfect haircuts too. The guy was an artist.

He was evidently well known because the local Mafiosi got their hair cut in that shop, and a local don-in-training who later became the head of the Mafia in Kansas City got his hair trimmed there by my barber every morning of the world. Probably paid the barber well because that particular Mafioso spread money around like it was penny candy in other ways.

So, there are some to whom tonsorial perfection is worth the price. Now, whether Hollande has mobster instincts in other ways, I couldn’t say. :slight_smile:


Glad the socialists are keeping everyone the same.


I don’t know about Soviet leaders but I do remember President Bill Clinton’s expensive haircut.
All the time holding up air traffic.


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