French presidential candidate Macron praises Merkel's refugee policy


**French presidential candidate Macron praises Merkel’s refugee policy

The most popular of France’s presidential candidates, Emmanuel Macron, took a stance against anti-refugee sentiment in an interview with German daily Süddeutsche Zeitung, which was published on Monday.

The 39-year-old politician voiced admiration for Angela Merkel and Germany for their handling of the refugee crisis.

“Chancellor Merkel and the German society as a whole were up to the mark of our joint values,” he said. “They saved our collective dignity by taking in refugees and providing them with accommodation and education.”…Although he is very popular among the voters and has a roughly 35-percent approval rating, the former investment banker would need to contend both with competition from the well-established parties and Marine Le Pen, who is running on the far-right Front National ticket.

Stronger EU is the solution

The independent candidate urged the EU to create a “joint intelligence system,” in the interview published on Monday…“We need to create a sovereign Europe, and fast – a Europe capable of protecting us from outside dangers, and boost inner security by doing so.”

Macron…called for boosting Frontex, the agency responsible for protecting the EU’s outside borders. He also chided Berlin and Paris for not supporting Italy during the early years of the refugee crisis, when thousands of immigrants started pouring onto the island of Lampedusa. “The solution is stronger European cooperation and not the ineffective bordering off of nations,” Macron told the newspaper.**


When is the French election?

I hope the people of France have sense and do not hold Merkel in the same regard!


Late April and early May this year, 2017.

The French system uses two-round voting.

If no single candidate attains an overwhelming majority in the first run-off in April (a virtual certainty), all other candidates except the two with the largest share of the popular vote are eliminated. It then goes to the final run-off in May.


okay. thanks! I am not even sure who is running other than Macron and Marine Le Pen.


The two main challengers for the French Presidency are Francois Fillon of the centre-right Republican Party (you might remember their former leader Sarkozy?) and Marine le Pen of the far-right National Front, with Emmanuel Macron running third as an independent candidate with a one-man movement called En Marche! (On the Move). He has just recently entered the spotlight as a serious contender and is considered to be the most popular and telegenic politician in France. He is only 39 years old.

He is more of a dark house, with everyone expecting Fillon to win and Le Pen to come second but Macron may either block her from getting to the final run-off in May by winning NF supporters to his cause (since polls show he can draw support away from all the other candidates) or he could defeat Fillon to actually win. Or Le Pen could surprise everyone and win. Or the polls might be right this time and Fillon will win in a landslide victory at the final run-off. Is all to play for.

The Socialist Party is in effective meltdown after criticism of the current government and so it’s leader, President Hollande, won’t be running for re-election. They are yet to select their candidate and are not expected to make the final run-off. The Socialist Party will hold a presidential primary in January 2017 to pick their candidate.

There are other candidates - such as the far-left Melenchon - but I wouldn’t expect them to be actual contenders.

Its between Fillon, Le Pen and Macron basically.


I don’t know very much about Francoise Fillon. I did know Hollande was not running.


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