French riots spread outside Paris

EPINAY-SOUS-BOIS, France (Reuters) - Violence erupted in the poor suburbs of northeastern Paris for a ninth consecutive night on Friday as youths set fire to cars and buildings despite a heavy police presence in riot-hit areas.

Firemen rushed to put out blazes in the suburb of Val d’Oise after 10 cars and two buildings, one of them a bakery, were set alight late on Friday, while others in Seine-Saint-Denis battled to extinguish fires at two warehouses.

Unrest also flared in other areas. Police reported more than 120 cars torched nationwide, many in the greater Paris area which has been the hardest hit by violence, and more than 30 people were taken in for questioning

The most interesting fact that is left out of most of these stories is that most of the rioters are Muslim. This is just the next front in the war on terror. So sad that most people still don’t reconize the threat. It is as great now as it was in the 16th century.

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