French Roman Missal?


That’s hilarious! :joy: I guess our understanding of simplicity in the lives of the clergy and religious is way off the mark from reality…


Priests like to travel with their liturgical accoutrements.


I would like to learn French better than I know it now, so this is a useful post for me.


Vancouverites here. How bad is Catholicism in Quebec/Montreal? (I am lucky to understand Chinese to go to the Chinese Catholic Church at Montreal during RCIA)


I don’t live in Québec but we always used “Prions…” when I was a member of a French parish in other provinces. We travel through Quebec at least once a year and because of travel schedules it always seems to be on a Saturday & Sunday so I’ve found myself going to Mass in small little parishes in small towns and villages.

I also attend the French parish whenever I’m visiting my daughter in Ottawa. It’s the first parish I went to when she first moved there and I could walk to Mass from her house. Now when we go at Christmas she always wants to attend Midnight Mass in French because it brings back memories of Christmas Masses with her grandparents. I’m always torn because, as much as Midnight Mass in French connects me to my childhood, I know that the liturgical choices they make in that parish are going to leave me twitching before Mass is over. There’s not a “Prions…” suggestion that they don’t hasten to follow.

Another thing I don’t like about the weekly “Prions…” is that it only offers one Eucharistic Prayer (or two with one of the ones for children). Should the priest decide to use another one you’re out of luck.

Unlike OraLabora, I use my missal for everything BUT the readings. Those I listen to carefully with my eyes closed to avoid distractions.


Thank you, everyone, for the input and help! I will be doing a little more searching now!

Merci beaucoup, Dieu vous bénisse!


I will be looking this up. Merci!


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