French students rally to 'save democracy' from far-right;_ylt=AwrBJR9XZIdTGEgAH_zQtDMD

Seems like 90 percent of young people nowadays (particularly high school and college students), are nothing more than tech-savvy morons, who let their emotions guide much of their decision making. This article shows France is no exception. Well kids, I’m hear to tell you, “Your feelings don’t matter one iota, so get over yourselves”.

We’ve seen this before – “democracy is very good, until the election is won by people we don’t like.”

If it had been a demonstration against the socialist government, gay marriage etc, this thread would have filled up with congratulatory messages.

Your point? This is a Catholic forum, we obviously oppose Socialism and gay marriage…

Well said.

They’d do better to rally to save democracy (and European civilization) from Islam.

The characterization (ignoring this thread) of college students as a liberal voting bloc is overdone. After all, apparently ~40% of us in the 18-29 group voted for Romney (I did). Most people I know are politically apathetic.

I honestly don’t know enough about French politics to voice an opinion on this matter one way or the other. However, saying that the feelings of these young people don’t matter is rude and uncalled for. If they feel strong enough to protest one might at least give them credit for acting on their beliefs. Let’s face it, the younger folks will be here long after the rest of us, and they will be voting well after we are gone. I doubt it is wise to dismiss their feelings or ideals no matter what side of the issue you are on.

Someone is sounding a bit grouchy. “Harrumph young people are stupid” could sum up the entirety of your post.

Well, guess what-we’re not, and any time the NFP starts winning, any sane person would be worried too.

I agree. I know many people my age (college aged) that are staunchly Conservative. The vast majority, however, don’t seem to care one way or another. Not different from many other generations.

If only more young people could be informed that liberal behaviors are the root causes of expensive dependencies. The silence is deafening because the media and academics are run by progressive liberals who aren’t going to squeal on themselves. They are the arsonist firefighters: they tempt people into becoming victims of dependency, then urge us to charitably help the victims, and it’s at this late point in the game where the young and sensitive people want to HELP, but the liberal damage has already been done. WHy can’t more people SEE THIS?? The media and academics control so many young minds and praise them for being “correct” and open minded. You arent’ correct until you do as they say and don’t think otherwise. Mind control. Sheesh. What a hypocrisy.

Democracy is a horrible political system.

Alright, I’ll bite. Which system do you prefer?

Sounds like this post was motivated by feelings. I think you need to explain why God would give us feelings if they don’t matter. You also need to explain why your feelings matter but the feelings of young French people don’t.

I think it’s totally appropriate for Europeans to be nervous about nationalistic/far right political groups. They have a bit of history in dealing with this.

What is European civilization?

What does it look like? Does it entail a certain demographic?

Isn’t it amusing how Americans often take umbrage to Europeans who dare to comment on the US political landscape and social situation but feel free to provide “feedback” on the European state of affairs.

Maybe it’s that “exceptionalism”.

Rather than asking others to define it, one might perhaps spend a year in, say, Pakistan. I think one might gain significant insights into what European civilization was and is, if one did.

And rightly so. But would the Western mainstream media even report on that?

It’s interesting how the mainstream media goes after the far right but when Muslims are troublemakers, well, they take a different approach unless it’s a major terror attack.

=ringil;12038341]What is European civilization?

Maybe that depends on who is being asked.

There’s quite a difference between what is generically called Western Europe and Eastern Europe.

All things considered, I’d say Eastern Europe is in better shape for the long run.

What does it look like? Does it entail a certain demographic?

Well, if people want to sit around and pretend that demographics and immigration have no impact on society expecting them to just show up go to work, get benefits and automatically assume the cultural identity of their host nation without much incentive to assimilate, I’d say some folks are in for a crude awakening that will of course come when it is too late.

I don’t think that European civilization is about sharia law, but that is what exists in a de facto state in many cities and a lot of Western progressives run interference for more extreme religious views.

I guess they don’t mind having people in their country oppressed as long as they don’t have to deal with and as long as the perps aren’t old, well-to-do, able-bodied white men.

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