French students rally to 'save democracy' from far-right


Based on what I’m reading here, I don’t think (m)any of you have a grasp on French politics. Certainly, opposition to the National Front does not automatically make one a socialist or a gay marriage activist.

WHy can’t more people SEE THIS??

Money, sex, popularity and all the other worldly comforts.

It just got me that there’s a thread about how far people can demonstrate from a health facility in the US and how it’s against the First Amendment and so on and then there’s a thread about French students demonstrating against the Front National (which most American Conservatives would think pretty despicable if they had a clue about the history of ultra-right politics in France) and it’s all set for pages of the usual CAF ‘ain’t it awful’.

A person cannot be a conservative (formerly classical liberal) and support any sort of far-right or far-left big government because big government is the antithesis of freedom.

It is a philosophical impossibility.

I’m tempted to agree here. I have a natural revulsion to the labels “socialist”, “communist” and “green” myself (though I suspect a different kind of revulsion than this crowd and there is no race-related agenda behind it) but nevertheless, there appears to be a tendency here to mistake French politics for American politics when they are two different beasts.

Well, if you’re asking that question than you mustn’t know much about European history.

What does it look like?

It’s quite large really, and Italy which is at the center of this mass is shaped like a boot.

Does it entail a certain demographic?

Yes, European. :smiley:

One of the reasons I’ve never contributed to a thread about American politics/policies - it’s a different ‘language’ in all sorts of ways.

No doubt, especially as it concerns the right to bear arms for example and also freedom of speech—two areas in which the typical non-American does not seem to speak the same language, as you say. Though I appreciate the instinct that some have to jump in on American politics just because of the way the States seems to stride the world like a Colossus and interject themselves in everyone else’s business…lol. E.g. the effects of an American election on Italy are probably more noticeable and thus potentially irritating than vice versa.

Allowing for speaking different political languages here but just because somebody dislikes some of the same things you do doesn’t make them your friend.

If you think, as an American Conservative, that you’d have much in common with the Front National then I’d suggest that you learn more about the Front National.

Americans not having a grasp on non-American issues. . . . you jest!!

Despite having lived in the US, I have next to no interest in what Americans do about anything so I’ve nothing to say, even if I ‘spoke the language’.

Ah, you seem to be giving a lot of credit here- at least to the more vociferous folks 'round here.

You may be surprised at some of the issues which folks don’t seem phased by. It’s fascinating really.

Just know that CAF isn’t your normal Catholicism- I solemnly assure you- especially in Europe.

To some- right is right. And if that which is right is seen as undesirable we will say “well, that is ACTUALLY left”.

A.K.A. Nazi’s are. . . . . left wing.


Obviously you are using “never” in a non-literal sense.

True, though, that you generally refrain from making comments on American politics and policies.

Most Catholics I know are actually really rather sensible people who don’t seem any more prone to ‘ain’t it awful’ sessions than anybody else. :wink:

Where was I making comments on American politics in those responses?

I might have commented on American weather somewhere, you know, so better start looking now.

I’ve suggested that google do an automatic translation system from ‘American Conservative’ to other languages - then a European, say, could write ‘the NSDAP were right wing’ and an American Conservative would read it as ‘the NSDAP were left wing’ and vice-versa.

Then we could all be happy and waste much less time.

Our American freedom-weather is so much nicer than your socialist pinko weather.

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