French supreme court upholds Islamic veil ban at work


From ANSA (An Italian news service)

Upholding the separation between church and State, the French supreme Cassation Court has ruled that the controversial dismissal of an employee for wearing an Islamic veil to work in a private creche on the outskirts of Paris is legal.

The case that has gripped France for six years began when Baby-Loup, a day-care center employing Fatima Afif in the multicultural Parisian suburb of Chanteloup-les-Vignes, fired her after she refused to remove her Islamic headscarf at work.

‘‘A private entity, in this case an association, can place limits on its employees’ freedom to express their religious beliefs in the workplace’’, the Cassation Court wrote.

‘‘This does not mean that the secular principle must necessarily be enforced on private employees who do not render a public service’’, it added.

I like that they reinforced that they respect the rights of a private entity to have its own philosophy and to require that the employees respect that philosophy while working for that entity.

(Having said that, I also understand that this ruling not only applies to hijabs, but would also equally apply to yarmulkes on a person’s head and crosses hanging from a person’s neck)


Ummm…wouldn’t they have noticed the hijab before they hired her? That seems more an appropriate time to discuss expected attire rather than wait until after she’s already hired.


Unless the company uses a uniform (and perhaps even then), this is an attack on religious freedom which should be unacceptable.

That said, it’s not really surprising given France’s secular ideals, combined with the growing hostility towards immigrants. If I remember correctly, politicians even attempted to ban public wearing of the hijab a few years ago.


According to these sources (L;Humanite, Le Point, L’Express), this case started off in 2008 when Ms. Afif returned from maternity leave. These sources stated that upon her return from maternity leave, she refused to comply with her company’s policies. (While none of the sources above explicitly say so, it would appear that prior to her going on maternity leave, she did comply with the company’s policies).


Sounds like a blatant violation of religious liberties and basic human rights. The law seems to me to intentionally and needlessly provoke Muslims. RESPECT: Did France ever hear of it?

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According to Obama France is the social experiment we are attempting to follow at least in his mind.


I used to hear it said in my field, psychology, that America was the biggest experiment ever in social psychology. It got me thinking, and yes, it seems plausible!

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