Friar Alessandro - Voice from Assisi - Exclusive Album Stream!

Hello all,

I’ve been listening to Alessandro’s debut album on loop and it is beautiful! You can stream it for free for a limited time here (it’s on general release next Monday October 15th): (it really is worth it!)

I’d love to hear people’s opinions. Can anyone tell me if the instrument leading into Fratello Solo, Sorello Lunar (track 1) is a Euphonium? I think it is, just not sure. Tis wondrous. The general orchestral arrangements and singing are just sublime…Ahhh.



thank you so much, i’ve been waiting for this album ever since I first heard firar alessandro sing :slight_smile:

Thank you for posting. I first heard his “Panis Angelicus” a few months ago and thought it was beautiful.

I just finished streaming the whole album and I must say it’s awesome!!! Run to the link provided above and enjoy everyone :thumbsup:

Ah, very glad you enjoyed it! :slight_smile:

I just clicked onto this page to listen again and it seems the listening time has expired!
However, I found these lovely interviews with Classic FM -

…and this album preview on Sound Cloud… :slight_smile:

Thank you clare! I enjoyed the interviews very much and Friar Alessandro sounds like a very humble beautiful person. I hope many people are touched by God through his music.

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