Friday and leftovers with meat

Ok we have quite a bit of pepperoni pizza leftover from today, would it be alright to eat it tomorrow (Friday) if I just pick the pepperonis off first? It’d be pretty soggy by Saturday. Thanks!

Eeesh, I’d be nervous to do that. Yes, as long as you completely remove the meat, you can eat it tomorrow, but consider that it’s a mortal sin to eat meat on Friday knowingly, and it’s very difficult to remove every trace of meat from something that’s had it cooked in, I’d be reluctant to do that.

If it were me, I’d let it be soggy and wait till Saturday. It’s just not worth the risk of breaking one of the precepts of the Church for me.

Removing the peps make it a cheese pizza. Yes you are fine. Things like soups can have meat broth in them and even those are ok.

I wouldn’t.
I’ve had pneumonia, and I didn’t even drink chicken broth last Friday.
I’ll live.

This is a scrupulous statement. One need not “remove every trace of meat”.

The current fast is not that strict as to avoid all trace of meat. We may have meat based condiments such as broth in a soup, gelatin as a congealing agent, etc, without violating the abstinence law.

We should avoid those meals that are substantially meat. Picking off all the pepperoni on a pizza is fine. If a small piece is buried in the cheese and someone consumes it, they have committed no sin.

Again, your position seems to be a bit scrupulous.

Heh, I’ve never been called scrupulous before. I assure you that’s not an issue I usually have to deal with.

If I were to rephrase my previous statement, I would say this: Given the choice, I would not choose to eat, on a Friday of Lent, a food which may have traces of meat in it. When there is no dire need to eat it, I’d choose not to so as to avoid indulging in or enjoying any sort of meat.

I am aware of and do not disagree with the facts which you mention concerning the current laws of abstinence, however.


Yeah. I think that is s good point. Why choose to do it if there is another option?

This isn’t as much of a problem with those of us who go meatless on all Fridays…
Just regular life :wink:

We don’t know other people’s circumstances.

When people ask, we should make sure we say what the Church actually teaches. Not just what we would do.

For some, tossing the pizza if it’s no good on Saturday is no hardship. For others, it might be. Better to make a meal of it, sans pepperoni, than waste it.

I never thought of doing that. That’s a good idea if you want to use it up. :slight_smile:

If you want to save it with the pepperoni on it though, and still keep it for another meal, you can always freeze it with the pepperoni on it, and just save it for another meal for another time.

Is it really a **mortal **sin to eat meat on a Friday during Lent?

Or, wrap it up in foil and a plastic bag. Then on Saturday you can heat it in your oven at 200 degrees and it would be fine. We often do this and heat it a few days later, and it’s fine.

Or wrap it in foil and stick it in the freezer.

We always do that, and then reheat at about 400 for 5-10 minutes until cheese bubbles again.

Is this a bait? Yes. It can meet the criteria.

I’d say freeze it and enjoy it on Saturday!


i’d throw it in the trash: left over pizza basically s…c…

donate it to the squirrels in your backyard

What I have done is wrap it up in aluminum foil & put it in the fridge. Saturday, take it out & put it in the toaster oven & heat it up. Tastes great, no problem.

You are fine to remove the pepperonis and eat it on a Friday.

If it is accidental no of course not.

If you knowingly and deliberately defy the church’s law and precepts then I’d say it probably is.

I defer to Cardinal George regarding what to do.

Also, to the OP, I’d recommend this article regarding the Lenten abstinence. Back in the day it used to take 2 oz of meat to violate abstinence so I think a potential pepperoni crumb is not to be worried about.

You are going to effort to make your meal meatless and that seems as if your heart is in the right place and you are doing your best to respect the practice.

The document that sets the moral aspect of penance (from Pope Paul VI- PAENITEMINI) notes that:

“Their substantial observance binds gravely.”

When one can find commentary that notes then that a single break on a a normal single Friday of lent would not be grave…

This of course is not to that one should go ahead and sin (not referring here to “traces” left but to actual eating of meat) venially or not take the discipline of penance seriously (one should).

One of course ought to be completely obedient to the discipline.

But that is an important clarification.

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