Friday Night Adoration - Post your prayer needs here

Dear friends,

At 7:30pm Pacific time on Friday, January 21, I’ll be heading to the Perpetual Adoration chapel to spend an hour or more before the Blessed Sacrament.

Click the link below for the equivalent date & time in all time zones for CAFers around the globe:

I’ll be praying for all CAFers in general, but if you have specific needs (especially urgent ones), please post them here. I’ll write them in my notebook and take them along with me. I’ll pray for each one individually.

To: arose57, bre, James_OPL, 4everjustjesus, DanWelshiMac, deb1sullivan, 244Rocket: each of you posted after I had already left last week, so I have your names and intentions from the last thread and you’ll be at the top of my list this week :slight_smile:

To everyone else: I’ll post a note on the thread when I’m ready to leave tomorrow evening, so that hopefully I don’t miss anyone this time! :thumbsup:

God bless you all! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much Morwenna ! :thankyou:
Could you please add my son Jarod to your list, that by the Holy Spirit he may be brought to the truth in Jesus Christ. And for emotional healing.
And for my sister. She just found out she has a mass growing on her Thyroid.

God bless my friend,
James :tada:

Morwenna, my faith is very weak. Please pray I become deeper in faith, prayer,trust and
God will supply the rest. I didn’t know you did this. Thank you.

Morwenna, this is so very gracious of you. If you would, I am struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and a recent traumatic loss in our family has sent me back to self-medicating with alcohol, plus the anxiety and depression. Today was my first day of leaving the alcohol behind and regaining my health. Please pray for the strength I will need to stick to this - my family needs me now more than ever and the condition is disabling. Thank you!


Thank you so very much Morwenna; very Christian of you I must say!
Please pray for my son Mike who is now looking for a job, that he gets one soon if it is the Will of Our Lord.
Thank you!

Thank you so much, Morwenna! I need a financial miracle urgently. I have been struggling and praying about this for months, but now it’s a huge crisis. I figure I need to solve this by Monday or very bad things will happen, and I’m really worried that I might not make it past that. Thank you again for your prayers!

Thank you Morwenna for this wonderful thing that you are doing for us. :slight_smile:

I would like to ask you to please pray for my sister and brother-in-law who recently lost a nephew. He was only about 2 months old. They have a funeral to attend today. Please pray that they would be at peace.

Please also pray for safe travel in my area. I live in the Diocese of Evansville, Indiana. The roads are very slick outside today and I don’t believe they will melt today.

Thank you for your prayers. :slight_smile:

Thank You Morwenna.

I have two intentions, first I am travelling from the 5th to 13th February, please pray for a safe and successful journey and a safe return.

Also, I may be up for a promotion, I am not exactly sure how I feel about so just pray for guidance and acceptance for God’s Will.

Thank you again. God Bless.

Thank you Morwenna for you generous and giving spirit! Please pray for the conversion of my husban Rick, the safety and health of my mother Terry who is going through surgery today, and faith and strength for my friends and family who have lost children.

Please pray for my daughter Tifani. She committed suicide 3 months ago. I miss her so deeply each day. I just pray she is forgiven and is with God. Life is so bleak without her. If only I can feel peace that she is with God.

Thank you, Morwenna. Please offer my intentions of conversion of heart for anti-believers, and for a good friend to land a job at a certain hospital (with the help of St Joseph’s prayers).

Please pray for me, I’m really struggling with my university work and strugglin to remain positive.

Pleae also pray for a friend of mine who has had to move house because of difficulties with the people she was sharing with

Thank you

Please pray for Mickey, Erin, Danny, Tish, Anne, Mike, Ceil, Joni, Jerry, Jim & Cass who all have serious health problems.



Hi Morwenna, thank you very much for your prayers last time. It is very kind of you to pray for us. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if it’s okay for me to ask you to include me in your prayers during Eucharistic adoration. If you can, may you please pray for me? I have a job interview and test on Monday (!) , and I’m nervous. I already replied to the recruiter that I will come. Thank you very much.

Morwenna, please pray I don’t go to jail and for the restoration of my shakey marriage. Thank you.

Same intentions as last time … thank you very much!!

Seeking employment.
My temporary assignment is nearly finished,
maybe a week or so to go.

Also for CAF member Spiritualunity,
who is very ill today.

Praying for you in turn, Morwenna …


Bumping this to the top … 2 hours before I leave :slight_smile:


Sadly I missed getting here early enough. Would you add my name to your list for next Friday evening. I’ll try to get here earlier next week.

I have a special intention that I am praying for through the intercession of St. Andre of Montreal to Our Lord Jesus.

Thank you very much and God bless you.

You’re not too late, Patti … as usual, I am running late (story of my life :o).

It’s now 7:45, and I am now officially heading out the door … LOL! :slight_smile:

arose57, bre, James_OPL, 4everjustjesus, DanWelshiMac, deb1sullivan, 244Rocket, reindeer, sojo, odhiambo, sungirl, Holly, trinichiqn, ejopko, sreedy, BouncingBall, Sonny89, Fin, Samson, Phoenix, PattiDay: I have your names and specific intentions written in my notebook, and will be praying for each individually. (arose57: you didn’t ask for prayers, but I’m just asking God to hear the intentions in your heart :))

Thank you to those who have so kindly offered to pray for me! If you would please pray for Alan and his family, for God’s grace to strengthen and protect them, that would mean a lot to me. :slight_smile:

God bless you all! :harp:

I have added Alan and his family to my prayes. And you, Morwenna, have the Dominican Order praying for you.
God grace and peace to you.

In St. Dominic,

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