Friday Penances on Solemnities?


I know that Catholics are still required to offer some sort of penitenital act on Fridays, even though the requirement to abstain from meat was curtailed to just during Lent. My question is whether this requirement applies on solemnities like today, being the Sacred Heart of Jesus, or on other solemnities such as when Assumption falls on a Friday or on Easter Friday (Friday of the octave of Easter)?
Of course, I realize that our entire lives are to be a sacrifice of praise, so in that sense the answer is we should offer sacrifice every day, but I think you know what I mean.
I look forward to your responses.


Hi Greg :wave: The answers in this thread (link below) might be of help to you. God bless.

Sacred Heart :heart: of Jesus, have mercy on us…


I can’t believe it. I just read this post and suddenly remembered that I forgot to buy the fish. I find it’s easier to just eat fish then think of some other penitential act. I’m not too fond of fish either but tinned tuna is ok.

I should know this but does chicken count as meat?? It never came up when I was growing up because we always had fish on Fridays.


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