Fridays all year long

do you try to NOT eat meat on fridays all year long ?
or just during lent?

All year. That’s how it was in my house as a kid. Now I do it because I want to.


All year.

I was raised that way and see no reason to change, although if I happen to eat meat because of circumstances that arise no sweat. we actually don’t eat much meat anyhow, and I have fish 5+ times a week as it is. following a diabetic heart healthy diet can be its own penitetial practice if done in that spirit

I don’t eat much meat any time. Red meat particularly. And I love fish, so Friday abstinence was never really a sacrifice for me.

The idea of making some act of self-deprivation on Fridays, and during Lent in remembrance of Christ’s sacrifice is a good one. Of course, it’s even harder when you’re under no obligation.

I don’t eat much meat either, but I also keep the friday abstinence, unless I go somewhere where they are only serving meat (except in Lent of course)

I do. We are actually supposed to unless we choose something else instead.

Not on fridays.Old rules
Not on wednesdays. Reparition for abortions

All year. It is actually not much of a penance food-wise, but it always serves as a reminder of what day it is and what Christ did for me. And that is the point I believe.

All Fridays, not ‘just’ the Lenten ones. I loathe and detest fish and I also have dietary needs to eat meat more often, so it is a penance indeed. But one I do very gladly!

Our family made the change a while back to abstain from meat every Friday all year a while back. The church does request that we do so unless we substitute another form of penance. Abstaining from meat just seems to be the easiest, since I do the meal planning and cooking for the whole family anyway. This way I don’t have to remind my husband and kids (my kids are actually under 14, so technically exempt, I guess) to think of another penance. We have been trying to eat less meat lately anyway, so I did our most recent meal plan with vegetarian menus on Wednesdays as well as Fridays.

However, if you are a guest in someone’s home and all they are serving is meat, then you can eat it, even on a Friday (and even during Lent, although you should try, if at all possible, not to do so).

Here is some info on this.

We don’t “try” - we just don’t eat meat on Fridays ever.

Thank you for pointing this out - I think most people tend for forget this part. :wink:


All Fridays, all year-- unless they are a Feast day or Solemnity (though we usually end up meatless those days as well).

Fridays year round for me.

I did a Byzantine fast for Lent, and it was great, so I think I may do Byzantine fast year round. I highly recommend it.

But for sure, I wish more Catholics did the no meat on Fridays year round.

If you are asking what the requirement of the Church is…

that depends on where you are.

If in the USA…(unless perhaps a local Bishop has asked something else perhaps?)

one is no longer obliged to abstain from meat on fridays (except those of Lent and Good Friday) One is of course recommended to do something when those fridays do not fall on a solemnity. For they are still considered penitential days…

As Jimmy Akin (chief apologist of CA) notes as well.

(in latin/roman rite)

Same here. Today, for example, is part of the Octave of Easter, a 8 day long celebration of Christ’s Ressurection.

So we are having meat tonight. The vast majority of Friday’s we abstain.

I try to do Fridays all year long as my personal discipline, though I don’t get myself all wound around the axle if someone invites me to dinner and serves meat. I do slip sometimes but overall have been able to keep to it and find it no great sacrifice for the most part.

All Fridays for about 3 years now. I did it growing up, and I happen to really like fish, although I really like meat too. We eat meatless a couple times a week. I’m not a chicken fan (unless it’s fried) and my dad doesn’t like beef, and you really can’t eat ham every single day. We do go out a lot. On Fridays we usually go to Long John Silver’s, his choice. They have some non-fried options now, but I really want to order one of those big old platters with fish and shrimp and clams…but grilled tilapia it is. Meatless Friday is just not that big a deal to me.

Yes, on every Friday. Every Friday is a day of Penance.

Can. 1250 The days and times of penance for the universal Church are
each Friday of the whole year and the season of Lent.

Then you need to be doing something else as well. The whole point is not to just change your dietary intake for a day, it is to be a penitential act. If it’s no big deal for you, then how is that in any way penitential?


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