Friend and the Eucharist

So today at mass one of our priests had to make an announcement about who should receive the Eucharist (those who have had their first communion, RCIA classes, etc) and that proper way in which to do so (consumed in front of the priest) because someone received it who should not have.

This reminded me of a time when I took a non-Christian, non Catholic friend of mine to mass. She asked me about communion and I told her she could not receive communion. This was many many years ago; I was probably 10 and she was probably 11. I put up a fight with her and told her she could not receive it but she insisted; she said her sister-in-law had saved her. I had no idea what that meant. Anyway I gave up fighting with her because we were in mass and she asked how to receive communion and I told her how (hands, say Amen). :blush: I know this was wrong of me but I did not want to fight with her anymore and at the time I had no idea what “being saved” meant. Growing up I did not hear that term.
So now I am wondering if I need to confess this? I know now that would I did was totally wrong and disrespectful but back then I didn’t know it was a sin. This happened after my family stopped going to church and I stopped going to faith formation. This mass just happened to be on a holiday and I randomly attended.
Not sure what to do and I feel so bad about it now. :frowning:

This certainly is not a “mortal” sin because you didn’t know fully.

Its ok, its ok. Who knows…God always brings good out of bad and maybe your mistake actually planted a seed in your friend.

I would suggest confessing this simply because it’s obviously hurt you and the sacrament of penence is a healing sacrament.

God bless!


I agree, the sacrament of penance will heal. :slight_smile:

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