Friend behaving in objectionable ways


I have a friend who has struggled with many personal issues in the past few years. She has had several deaths in her family, divorced her husband of 30 years, her children went away to college, and has had some pretty major health problems.

Recently, she has been “dating” many men that she meets on the internet. Each time she tells me that he is “the One” and I am sure that they are entering into sexual relations very soon after meeting in person. After the first 2 that this happened with, she stopped telling me more than that although she hints that she spends the night at their homes. I begged her not to sleep with these men and to take things very slowly. She ignored my advice.

Now a close relative is dying and she has chosen to discontinue nutrition. I am so shocked and saddened by this. I know that she knows that her actions are morally unacceptable. She says she prays daily and often spend time in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

I am scared not only for her physical well being since she really doesn’t know these men before putting herself in their presence but also for her soul. What would you all do? Just continue praying for her or try “knocking sone sense into her”. (Metaphorically, of course.)


Tell her that one of the groups today that has the highest infection rates for new cases of HIV is senior citizens. Seems many of them throw all the rules to the wind as they get older and spouses die or they divorce… and they pay the price of getting a disease that is fatal in 100% of cases. It’s just a matter of when, not if, and an older immune system will be less able to fight it off and more susceptible to opportunistic infections.

If that doesn’t wake her up, I don’t know what will. I am assuming she is at least in her 50s if she had a 30 year marriage. Ask her if she wants to be using her Medicare prescription drug benefit to be picking up her AIDS cocktail, or herpes medication, at the pharmacy.


Thanks for the reply. She is actually younger than her 50s; she got married at around 17, I think. So she is really a young, attractive woman who never really dated or had a “single” life. She went straight from her parents’ home to her home with her husband and then kids shortly thereafter.
Although I “get” where she is coming from, I find it really scary. I am at a loss.


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