Friend dying of cancer


Please pray for our dear friend Dennis who is dying of cancer. He and his wife Margarita have devoted themselves to ministering to others for years, and have touched many many lives. Please pray for a happy death for Dennis, and for comfort and strength for Margarita. They have gone above and beyond in helping others, please help them now with your prayers. Thank you.


I sent your prayer request to the Carmelite Sisters of Sacred Heart Monastery in Hudson, WI. I will pray for Dennis and Margarita, too.


Thank you so much! God bless you!


Yes I will pray.




Grant us,
Lord Jesus,
always to follow the example of Your holy family,
that at the hour of Dennis’ death
Your glorious Virgin Mother
with blessed Joseph
may come to meet him,
and so he may deserve to be received by You
into Your everlasting dwelling-place.



I also pray for him.


I pray to the Lord, if it is within his plans to have Dennis cured from this terrible illness. I pray to our Lord that he may comfort and give strength to Dennis and his family.


Prayers are with Dennis and his family at this difficult time. May he be granted eternal rest with our Lord and may comfort and compassion be with his family.

They rod and they staff comfort me…


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