Friend going through trials


Hey guys, a friend of mine is really going through a tough time right now. I’m not going to go into details, but he is really being tested. Please pray for him as much as possible. Our friendship is also being tested as well. We both really need your prayers.

                                                        Thank you.


You got it. Dominus vobiscum.


Lord, I lift up this friend to You, that You will send Your angels to do battle for him. Protect Him from the attacks of the devil, and, in the process, strengthen the friendship between these two people. In Jesus name we pray.


Praying for your friend. :gopray:


May dbacks friend have steadfastness of faith in these times of trial. Give him strength, purify him and bring him great grace.

O Holy Spirit, may you give dbacks the gifts of Understanding and Wisdom that he may minister to his friend and be a true witness of your love.

Through Jesus Christ, Our Lord


Praying for you both.


Prayers for you and your friend!

~~ the phoenix


Prayers for you and your friend.


You and your friend are in my prayers…


Prayers to the Giver of all good things!


Just sent a Spirit-filled one up.

Praise God that his faith is deemed worrthy of testing.

The peace of Christ be with both of you.


Will keep your friend in prayer and may your friendship blossom…






:signofcross: :gopray2: praying for you guys

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