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I have a friend who is prostestant. Her adult son is expecting his first child. He is living with the mother and the baby is due in July. Both parents are on the fence when it comes to God. My friend is concerned about the mother’s behavior. My friend does not believe that the mother actually loves her son and may be using him. She is also very concerned about her grandchild and that the child may be at risk for potentional abuse at the hands of the mother. The mother has a very volatile temper and is unpredictable. She runs with a negative peer group. I am not sure on how to advise her. I told her that she should talk to her son about her fears. I don’t know what to do about the living situation. I think he should move out, pay child support and get visitiation. Keeping a close eye out for any signs of abuse or neglect on the mother’s part? Or should he stay b/c he may be the child’s only hope for stability? Or should he marry her? Thank you and God Bless. Joanna Marie


Wow, what a tragic situation. Unfortunately I don’t have any wisdom to offer…

but what a great example to all of the young men out there who are even thinking of having sex outside of a loving marriage. There can not only be horrible consequences to yourself (STD’s, emotional problems etc), but horrible consequences for your potential child.




Ok, from what I read, the grandmother is expressing concern not the father right? In that case I would encourage her to develop a close relationship with the girlfriend and when the baby comes the baby too. Perhaps this young mother is looking for guidance. About the two living together outside marriage and their lack of faith…PRAY then PRAY SOME MORE.
Under no circumstance should she voice her fears to her son…he will tell the young mother and the young mother will hate her, and for what? A thought? Then what chance does she have of a relationship with the young mother or the baby?

After the baby is born, if she notices any signs of abuse…then inquire not accuse and offer to lend assistance to the young family. If later she confirms abuse…CONFRONT, REPORT, PRAY and FILE FOR CUSTODY.

Thanks for listening to my rant… I am very passionate about children and abuse. I have raised 18 foster kids and currently still raising my 3 and a soon to be step daughter. I was accused of abuse once and it totally freaked me out that someone would think that I would abuse my 6 month old child. Granted the accusation lasted about 2 minutes as the doctor who accused me and I argued about bruises on my son, he did the very thing that caused the bruising and the doctor said a 6 month old couldn’t do…shut the doctor right up but I was still crushed for a very long time. Words can really hurt a person so be careful.


Dear Blest one,

My friend is here with me now. Thank you so much for your advice and please pray for her and her family. Love and God Bless, Jodi.


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