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Hello I have a dilemma. My best friend is involved sexually with a girl. He is in a Stage I like to call Goo goo. He has told me she is trying to get on the pill. His parents have liked pictures of them kissing on Facebook and there parents have talked about them having sex or what if they had sex. I have texting him when he is at her house that Jesus is watching. It concerns me that this happening. He knows how I feel. I have been pushing away. He was in my confirmation class. It irritates me that kids are brought up to be Catholic and parents send their kids to the classes to be confirmed and yet when it comes time to live it. It is like classes never got taught. Any idea what a teenager can do to help his friend?

“He knows how I feel.”

As long as you feel this remains true, the only thing left is just to continue being his friend. If a good opportunity comes along, feel free to invite him to a church retreat, to go to confession (but don’t mention this), to a seminar on the theology of the body, etc. Pray for your friend, feel free to offer up sacrifices, and leave the rest to the Holy Spirit. If he invites discussion, or seems to act as if you’ve changed and “accepted” his acts, feel free to make clear how you think he is in objective sin but that you still love him in friendship. Beyond that, drop it.

It sounds like you have strong faith, but if being with him becomes a source of temptation for you personally, well, you owe it to yourself to make sure your own house is in order first and must avoid the direct contact. It sounds like you can still remain friends thankfully.

Pray for me and I will for you and your friend.

:gopray: for both posters.

Sometimes people are in the confirmation class because parents and family force them into it vs actually believing in the teaching. Right now, you don’t have to approve but if you say too much, you will lose a friend. Sometimes the best thing active christians can do it is shut up and be there for when their friend falls or when God conflicts them, you are there to help them.

I agree with the advice given by the previous writers.

The best thing you can do is pray, pray and then pray some more. Remember that St. Monica prayed fervently for her son St. Augustine. He turned from a life of sin to become one of our greatest saints. You can move mountains and grow huge trees from mustard seeds through prayer.

Be there for him when he falls.

I absolutely agree. I have been a Confirmation facilitator for a number of years and that has no bearing on the free will of each individual. Lead by example and pray. That’s really all you can do but that is a lot.

^ This is great advice. Sometimes your friends will start to see the world calling them from a life of faith. Continue to be his friend and support him through prayer, continue to voice your disapproval where appropriate. In the end, he will have to make a decision about what’s more important to him. You’ve done your part.

I would also add that it will probably get to a point where your friend may start to distance from you. No one likes being told that they’re committing serious sin, especially when it’s true. Just be mentally prepared for that.

Remember that all the instructions in the world can not convert. You must have an encounter with Jesus Christ in your mind and in your heart. You must desire to turn away from sin and turn to God I am afraid that many conversions have been assumed because we were instructed and followed the required formality of our Faith. Faith is a gift from God Jesus merited it for us, He is the Gate, the Way and the Truth. The gift of faith can not be passed on, although the truths of the faith can be. What you have experienced happens very often. Some may have been converted, but are not using the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Only God knows the state of a mans soul. We do someone an injustice if we expect from him what he can’t give Remain friends with him, unless that friendship endangers your soul. If you can discuss openly with him, relay the message of accepting Jesus, to insure his happiness and salvation. Maybe what he learned in Catholic instructions might take hold. We need to evangelize!

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