Friend of beheaded US journalist argues Islam preaches mercy

This certainly contradicts what a lot of other are saying, that ISIS is merely acting out Islam as prescribed in the Quran.

It’s all very confusing and I wonder if anyone can shed some light on what are very contraditory interpretations.

If it would surprise you that both may very well be in the Quran, why would it surprise you?

Lying is not just allowed in islam but it is looked upon, at times, as a virtue so why would seemingly opposing conduct to “spread the faith” be a surprise.

Ballot box for some, terror for others, whatever works.

What really seems the most surprising is people being surprised, how much of what is going on is new, so to speak?

It was at the very start of islam and has really never left islam.

I am not saying that ALL Muslims want sharia law but it is not only the “extremists” that want it.

For that matter, it is not only members of islam that want some kind of “religious law” to be the law of the land in one place or another.

It’s exceedingly easy to quote vile hate speech in various holy books, i.e. the the Talmud, the Quran, The Old Testament, etc. But disjointed quotes taken out of context can be very misleading, and can be used to “prove” virtually anything.

That’s exactly why you have to look beyond what their book contains and look at the reality of Islam in the world. Historically speaking, the spread of Islam has only been accompanied by violent conquest, and conquered areas have seen a systematic denial of their ability to peacefully practice their non-Islamic religions. Throughout history we have seen violent Islamic groups attack and oppressing non-believers, as well as the systematic genocide of Muslims who’s beliefs differ from their own. This is not a modern occurrence, and it will not end as long as Islam continues to be practiced in the world.

We don’t need to use their book to show that Islam is evil, their fruits are evidence enough.

I object to the phrase “Islam is evil.”


You are welcome to object to the statement, I’m sure many will. What I object to is a faith structure that throughout history has routinely produced extremists who believe that violence is the primary means through which their faith should be spread, starting first and foremost with their founder, Mohammad.

To clarify, I fully believe that there are perfectly good Muslims in the world who are good people doing their best to follow God. What I am discussing is the nature of their religion, the core of which I believe to be set against God. You shall know them by their fruits is not just a nice saying, it is a warning to be applied to the world around us. The fruits of Islam are routinely death and destruction, and I am judging the belief structure on that fact.

Lets make sure we are following the rules of inter-religious dialogue.

It is not confusing. It is a very simple truth. Islam means death to non-believers. They have proved this so there is no argument now.

Islam does not have any centralized authoritative teaching. For those Muslims who say that Islam preaches mercy, that is true for those Muslims.

For those Muslims who qualify the mercy of Islam, and use their knives to behead the infidel, they are following the truth that they glean from Islamic teachings too.

If those on the inside are without authoritative teaching on what Islam really is, it is a rather preposterous venture for those on the outside to explain it to them.

See what happens when you have millions of people interpreting their holy book/scripture without the guidance of a unified teaching authority?

It would be nice to know where everyone stands, wouldn’t it?

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