Friend of mine is married to a catholic who's not confirmed


I just met a good friend of mine who is married to a guy who is not confirmed in the catholic faith. They are currently separated. So my question is what do with this? She needs help.


She needs to talk to her priest.


Thanks. Thing is she says “he’s a Catholic at heart”. I don’t agree.


What exactly is your question?

Confirmation doesn’t affect the validity of a marriage, if that’s what you want to know.


A “Catholic at heart” is not the same as “confirmed”. But the bigger issue here is that they are separated.




Is the spouse a baptized Catholic who was never confirmed? Or someone who has never recieved any Catholic sacrament?

I was not confirmed when my DH and I were married. I got confirmed less than a year later. I had been baptized and recieved Communion, though. And I have no doubts about the validity of our marriage. And neither did the parish that married us.


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