Friend who is divorced

I had a previous post about a new friend who I made on an online dating site. I get along really well with her and she’s very nice. I am single (never been married) and I want to go out more to possibly meet someone serious. My new friend wants to meet or date guys (doesn’t seem like she wants to be serious right now), but she wants to date or at least hang out with a guy. My concern is that she has been divorced twice, but one of those marriages she said was annulled. But, the other guy who she married has not been annulled. They are still friends actually. Anyway, my question is… If she decides to go out on dates with guys, or while we go out meet new guys … Should I advise her not to? Would it be a sin for myself to not say anything? Would that be encouraging her to continue talking or dating guys?

Dating others at this point is harmless. So, her dating other guys is no sin. The problem would be if she were planning on getting remarried. Of course, this may be why she’s wanting to date. She may feel she needs a man in her life for whatever reason. I’d say, be willing to be her friend, but try to keep it at that. If she pushes for more, let her know of your concerns on the matter. Otherwise, don’t push the issue.

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