Friend with Leukemia needs donors


My cousin’s friend from OH is awaiting a bone marrow transplant near Houston, TX. Please pray for him, for his donors, for his two small daughters who have not seen him since February. He especially needs white blood cell donors leading up to the transplant.

If any of you are in the Houston area and are willing to donate white blood cells (very similar to donating platelets, ie aphoresis), please PM and I will put you in touch with my mom.


It is very hard to be completely faithful to God in times of sickness, we are often angry and disappointed and hopeless. I will pray for your cousin’s friend and his family so that they don’t fall into temptation of hopelessness.
I will also pray for the potential donors, may there be many of them! The Lord is merciful and loving, I am sure He will reward them!!

:getholy: use this time to pray together and become closer to each other around our Lord!


Praying for your friend.


:heaven: Your friend is in my prayers! :crossrc:




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