Friends and human dignity

The TV show Friends had a large audience. What could be nicer than having people you cared about and trusted caring about you? The cover of Entertainment Weekly some years ago answered that question with a cover that showed the Friends with the words “Friends and Lovers.” Problem is, it should have read “Friends and Fornicators.”

Human dignity means a respect for the person, male and female. It also means a respect for life and a respect for the act that leads to life.

In one episode, Phoebe talks about how she convinced her boyfriend to have sex with her.

Monica and Rachel, need more be said?

Ross. After finding out Rachel is pregnant, she tells him that condoms aren’t 100% effective. He is astonished, picks up a box, reads it and exclaims that the words Not 100% Effective should be printed in Large type on the package. Funny?

What’s even less funny is Rachel telling Ross that he doesn’t have to be responsible. Ross says he wants to but it’s clearly optional.

Where is the commitment between two people who created a life? Was it about love or was it about sex? Clearly, sex.

Do not be fooled by the word “lovers,” or even “sex partners,” it’s Fornicators. People who allow their flesh to control them and refer to their partner in sin as their “lover.” Wrong. False. Not true. There is no reason for him or her to not wake up one day and say, “I’m done. I’m tired of you and your - fill in the blank - and I’m leaving.”

Would you even call a person like that a Friend?

God knows I’m not perfect. The Bible tells us no one is perfect. Repent of your sin, ask God for forgiveness, turn your life back to following Christ and imitating Him, not the world. I encourage you, my brothers and sisters in Christ.

God bless,

Excellent post, edwest2. Contemporary entertainment, for the most part, is neither contemporary, nor entertainment. It’s all about pushing the envelope, and seeing who stays for it.
I’m reminded of the story of the father whose sons wanted to watch a TV show that had “just a little bad stuff in it”. So the father prepares some wonderful-smelling brownies for them, and offers them to his sons - but before they bite into them, he tells them that with all the excellent ingredients he used to make them, he put in a small teaspoonful of dog poop. The horrified sons drop the brownies is disgust, and the father brings home the point of what “just a little bad stuff” is, whether taken in physically, mentally, or spiritually.
With contemporary entertainment, we’re probably talking barrels of dog poop!

Thanks. It’s sad really. Pushing the envelope is leading in one direction only: celebrities as open fornicators, adulterers and prostitutes (porn spam with - fill in the blank).

I’m praying all Catholics will realize how far off the path from good, wholesome and even fun viewing, TV has strayed. It’s no accident that this country is more accepting of sin. And I think most would agree we’re not better because of it.

God bless,

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