Friends who are involved in the occult


I have a couple friends who are involved in the occult and play with things like ouija boards… I know that is very dangerous and can open doors to demons. I’m worried for them… but I don’t see them very often.

I’m just wondering, are there any good prayers that can be said for them? does anyone here have friends who are involved in this type of thing? how do we witness our faith to them if they’re not really open to believing in God?

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Any prayer will do. But I recommend offering the Mass and praying the Rosary. Trust in Jesus.


The Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel will also be of assistance


You might like this prayer from the Spiritual Warfare Prayer Catalog:

Prayer for a Friend or Relative


i got involved in the occult when i was 15 and it all started out with me thinking i was “safe” because i would pray to God beforehand and let him know that i still believed in Him, but just wanted to communicate with the other world. my best friend and i thought it would be cool or fascinating.

well long story short, it started as a game that made us giggle, then a fascinating almost addition, but then ended up terrifying us. when i finally realized these were not human spirits but demons i tried to burn the pages of a book i had been writing spells in. my friend and i took matches, a lighter, her car lighter, a long stemmed match and nothing would make the paper burn. freaked out, i finally said the “our Father” and then took another match to the page and whoosh the whole thing went up in flames like it had been doused in gasoline.

never ever again. i know the spirit realm exists and without a doubt, i know what side i want to be on.

i have many friends where i currently live that are into this ****. there’s not much i can say, but i do pray for them.

one guy that i care about told me he was going to use the ouija. i guess his case bothered me the most because my other friends just seem to be rebelling against the fundamentalist nonsense they were taught growing up, but this guy came from the methodist church and they aren’t like that. maybe he wanted to see if i would freak out or start mumbling latin at him. :slight_smile:

regardless, just pray for them. sometimes when you tell them about the horror stories that can arise that only peaks their curiosity. i mean let’s face it we are all interested in the spirit world, but we should be reading about the cool mystical miraculous things that have happened to the saints throughout the ages.

some prayers :highprayer:


Are you sure they are not open to believing in God? I used (long past tense) a Ouija board and I did believe in God. I just hadn’t made any connection between trying something that people said worked and what I was taught in Sunday school. If the situation is similar, and they perceive absolutely no danger, perhaps they need some connections drawn. It depend on them. With me, I would have laughed and ignored you if you mentioned danger, but I might not have if you had asked me how I thought the board might work or why I thought the board was interesting, and what the bible had to say about things like that. Just leave out the part about the bible if they don’t accept the bible.


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