Friends who challenge you

Do your closest friends challenge you?

I notice when people are not honest and hide their true feelings things tend to just get ugly. I have seen and experienced the falling out of friendships based on hidden hurts, miscommunication, misinterpretation, etc.

I lost one of my closest friends because I chose to stay Catholic. Some folks refuse to listen your side of the story. I do love her dearly, and I do pray for her

I am sorry.

In that few are Catholic or are so in name only. So I am challenged by that LOL.

I have a friend who likes to bring up religion during social occasions. I’m not really one for discussing politics or religion, especially in a social setting, as it generates strong feeling and can harm friendships.

The friend I refer to is particullarly annoying as he has no knowledge of religion, no desire to understand it - he argues from a standpoint of a 5 year olds view of religion - “So if someone is a murder but then embrases Jesus he is allowed into heaven, but someone who does charity work all their lives but does not believe is not…” kind of arguements - round and round in circles, again and again - bless him.

It shouldn’t be wrong to challenge your friends, provided that your intent is benevolent or productive.

Miscommunication is a possible consequence of Adam and Eve’s rebellion. When we became sinful, we lost our original perfection.

Discussing politics and religion in social settings should be fine, provided that both parties remain composed, which you probably don’t witness too much.

I recently spent time with two close friends and one asked me several questions which he considered challenging.
The challenge stems from being unfamiliar with my faith, and hearing incorrect information from others.
While, I don’t think he will become Catholic any time soon, I know he is much more comfortable with Catholicism after our conversation.
He and his wife rescheduled their day in an attempt to get me to Mass. They are both devoted Christians; it’s a blessing to have them as friends.
Sometimes the hostility in a challenge, may come from mistaken understandings and it can be helpful to share more information.
May God bless you.

Very true. It is difficult for people to honestly and HUMBLY discuss religion. Or it can turn into finger-pointing. Please I had an argument with someone. He was correct in saying that it was wrong for me to justify the hatred in my heart or my jealousy or evil thoughts. When the topic of fornication came up, of course he argued that fornication is okay in some circumstance justifying his own sin. We humans are funny. We call out other people’s sins but justify our own. We all have parts of the bible we have difficulty fully accepting or our desires go against. My point with this post was my father says a good friend tells you what you need to hear NOT what you want to hear. A good friend should challenge you.

I don’t think I have any friends.

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