Friends with Witches

That’s a good reply.

My own opinion is pray for him and stay friends. I’m kinda of guessing God brought you both together for a reason.


Thank you! I think your advice is good too.

We can’t really force people to become Catholics, and often trying to do so will have the opposite effect. Humans generally don’t like being pestered into something and constantly told they’re wrong. Consideration, kindness, humour, a good example, and prayer play a much bigger role in evangelization than lecturing the other person.

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I’m not going going to name who it is I know that, in a flaky phase, went to some Neo-pagan ritual where they were “sky clad”, as they call “naked.”

But it seems that none of them had any idea how to recognize poison oak, and, well . . .

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Given you said you do not believe in satan , how can you then claim to act in the role of satan,

Which definition of archetype are you using

a very typical example of a certain person or thing.

“he was the archetype of the old-style football club chairman”


(in Jungian theory) a primitive mental image inherited from the earliest human ancestors, and supposed to be present in the collective unconscious.

Closer to the Jungian archetype, but not restricted to Jung’s schema in particular. Satan is an adversarial archetype in the way that Zeus is a ruler archetype. He doesn’t have to literally exist for us to understand his character role, the same way that Jean Valjean and Javert don’t have to literally exist for those who’ve read/seen Les Mis to understand their roles and draw parallels with actual situations and people.

So, as Satanists, we act as adversaries when there needs to be an adversary in the pursuit of justice and liberation. We simply have a different interpretation of the Satanic archetype than Christians.

Maybe I should do an AMA thread? I feel like we’re drifting from OP’s topic.

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I been meaning to do the same with my Norse Paganism but I’m still a thew and no one here has butted heads with me over it to need an ama.

You should do it.


This is starting to remind me of the quote attributed to Chesterton “When men choose not to believe in God, they do not thereafter believe in nothing, they then become capable of believing in anything.”

Over and out I’m offline now for the long holiday weekend. I’ll check back sometime mid next week. God bless.


Welcome. I’m a non-satanic theist.

Absolutely. All people are worthy of care and consideration. That is a fundamental tenet of Christianity.


I had a bunch of friends who were into witchcraft when they started high school - I am talking Catholic high school here. It was stupid but harmless. Where the parents didn’t make a big deal out of it, it went away on its own, it was a phase.

Where parents freaked out and were like “OMG Satanism!” it did not go away.

Might be a great idea to start a new topic :+1:

We are not Jesus though and playing with evil spirits or forces seems much too dangerous because evil still retains angelic intelligence which is why Satan can trick us. I think the idea that we can handle it and possibly lead them back to the faith comes more from pride than anything else. And this is the easiest way for Satan to get us. Make us downplay it and think we can handle him in situations like this. Sure, God can use us any way He wants but in this situation I’d let a priest or someone with more experience handle it.


I don’t think we can say with any confidence that someone is not being influenced by evil just because they don’t seem like it to us. Don’t you think Satan is a lot more intelligent and sly? Regardless the occult is a gateway. We don’t know what we’re inviting in exactly or when or how it can take hold. Satan wants us to make little of him and the occult because the easiest way to get us is to make us not realize how powerful he can be. Screwtape Letters, anyone?

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well, satan doesn’t have to fight someone he’s already won over however little it may be. break down the defenses and then you can get in. divide and conquer. that’s how venial sin becomes mortal sin and small danger becomes grave danger.

Had a Christian call my spouse and I satanic because (in my faith) Odin takes blood in payment to knowledge.
Example; I learn something new from a perspective I’ve never thought of and within a few minutes I’ll stumble or cut myself mostly superficially by accident.
The wound always bleeds more then it should.

Now taking my former training in Catholicism that leaves two possibility.
Either Satan is generous with knowledge that helps me become a better person
I’m clumsy and thinking too much on it.

Either possibility doesn’t deserve me being shunned by Christian friends when it comes up in conversations.

The reaction just doesn’t make one want too run too jesus., Ya know?

Yep… And don’t accept any other ‘excuse’

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