Friendship with God


How do you build or how have you built a personal relationship with God?
I’m interested in hearing all sorts of answers from ALL denominations. :slight_smile:


Through life experiences, lots of prayer and FAITH. :thumbsup: I know that’s a simple answer and not sure if that’s what you were looking for. :o


I’d say I’ve come to know God by meditation and nature. I do not get how atheists don’t believe that there is a God…just look at nature. Nature in itself is the true miracle.

Meditation has helped me in more personal ways…

May all fo us come to know God better everyday!



You wouldn’t believe the arguments I’ve heard against the nature part. Most of them pull the concept of the Greek gods to explain nature and how the world works. It’s crazy!


What I like doing, (which I don’t do enough and I have a lot of room to improve my relationship with God) is to turn off my music in my car, and just talk to God and tell him what I am feeling and all the stuff about my life, just as if God was riding shotgun next to me. I just like talking out loud to him.

I hope this helps. :thumbsup:


Yes, it does. Thanks for sharing! I know that there are many different ways of building and/or improving our relationship with God. I was just wondering what folks do. :wink:


Mainly, by making lots of mistakes.

I came to know about Christianity fairly late in life, being that my parents were a-religious. I can recall being in my mid-20s and having no idea whatever what the crucifixion was all about. So, I was raised on the idea that one is all-in-all in oneself. I still act that way, though less and less so nowadays at nearly age 60.

By repeatedly falling down through my own misguided efforts, and needing rescue from loving Jesus, I’ve gradually learned to depend upon Him.

I envy people who were raised with a consciousness of God’s loving presence in their lives, who developed that conversational relationship at an early age. For me, that type of relationship is difficult, as I am constantly struggling with unbelief. Difficult, but not impossible. I have to work at it, and I often fail.


A friendship is based on trust.
To have a good friendship with God is to trust in Him.
– ahh, I am trying … trying…and trying to trust in Him in everything He leads me to – it’s always difficult for me to do. Sometimes, I succeeded, sometimes failed.


He revealed Himself to me after I revealed myself to Him.


I am a pantheist. I wouldn’t consider my relationship to the Divine one of “friendship”, nor is it something I have to work at. It is. It always exists.

What I work on is my awareness and appreciation of the relationship.

I contemplate,worship, pray, practice my faith. That is how I grow in awareness and appreciation, by living what I believe. The more I do this, the greater the awareness and appreciation become.

The Divine is the Divine Whole of All that Is and Occurs, I am a tiny part of that. My awareness of this truth alters how I perceive and act.



You can choose not to have any relationship with God. It is your free will. One big example: Satan.


AH TRUST YES–That is a biggy for me. Just today I am continually practicing trust in the Lord that He will bring my daughter safely home from a trip to Six Flags Great Adventure trip with our youth group.:thumbsup:

I was only worried because they are calling for severe thunderstorms:(

I prayed about it and Im trying to let go and let GOD> AMEN!!!

I also think the more we put our trust in God the more He shows us how trustworthy He is.

I will be getting on a plane very soon and am afraid to fly–so I will be giving ALL my trust to GOD. AMEN!!!

It truly is a leap of faith–but worth it:D


ALLFORHIM, I hope you and your daughter have a safe trip.

yah. I just recently moved into an apartment complex, I am worried every day about my car - my only source of transportation. I’ve kept praying and telling myself not to be so worried and trust in the Lord.

Before getting into the complex, I was so happy and thank God for that. After I have moved in, I am worried too much.

But you know, God gives you this feeling of being worry for a good reason. If one is always worry-free, he might say “I don’t need God”. Worries sometimes bring us closer to God and to realize we always need Him.

God knows how to balance things out in our lives beautifully!


I kneel before him and then the preist places him on my tongue. After mass I like to sit in front of him in the tabernacle and bathe in his grace.

I love Christ!


For the most part I agree with you. I hope and pray that your car stays with you.:thumbsup:

Worry is actually a sin because when we worry we are not trusting God–but on the other hand I do agree that worrying does sometimes bring you closer to God.:thumbsup:

If we had total trust in God–we wouldnt worry.:o It is part of our sinful human nature that we need to conquer. I do know some people who have conquered it. They have concern for people but they dont worry because they know God is in control and works all things for the good of people who love Him.
Writing this I realize that I need not worry about my daughter.:thumbsup: Well this thread has been therapeutic for me.:smiley:

I would also like to add that for me reading the bible helps me grow closer to God. The more I learn about God , His character , what He wants from me–the closer I feel to Him. Granted I have a lifetime to go but at least Im workin on it.l:thumbsup:


There are different kinds of worry, I guess. For example, I am worried that I might fail an exam, this worry helps me be prepared more. However, if I keep on being worried after I study everything I could, then I shouldn’t be.

Some people take “let tomorrow worries itself” in a wrong way and do not care what might come to them.


I suppose it all comes down to balance.


Thank you for all the responses, everyone!!! :slight_smile:
One thing I noticed is that most of you told me how you worship God but not necessarily how you are friends with Him. Just picture a close friend on earth and how you bonded with them and became friends. How did you become friends with God? Maybe you’re not friends with God and just respect Him like a parent? I’m interested in knowing more of your thoughts on this one. :wink:


Friends seek to live up to our name through worship and social concerns. The “cup of water given in his name” for us is one of the most deeply held “sacraments” we engage in. Service to others, answering "that of God in others and the pursuit of peace…the Shalom of God, is friendship with God.

Jesus is reported to have said…“I no longer call you servants…but friends.” We seek to be his friend through living a “sacramental life.” I fail all too often…but then there’s grace.


Great topic, Mrs. Abbott!

As a friend:

  • I offer my suffering for the conversion of sinners - this is a very Catholic thing, but I am not sure if any other Christians believe this offering. :slight_smile:

  • I am afraid to hurt Him by asking Him to help me stay away from sins and temptation.

  • when I committed sin, I go to Confession. He is there to forgive me, and I trust in His Mercy.

  • I ask Him to recogize who His Friends are - I wanted to see Him in others.

  • etc, …

  • ultimately, I want to be His roommate in Heaven. :smiley: He must be the best roommate I will ever have. :wink:

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