From a beardless Jesus to a beard Jesus


I like to open a new discussion about some interesting revelation about the image of Jesus. Consider the following image of Jesus.

From the mid-3rd Century AD found in Ceiling of S. Callisto catacomb

From the 3rd Century AD found in St. Peter’s Basilicia

Jesus with beard from the 4th Century AD found in catacomb of Commodilla

6th Century AD depiction of Jesus from 6th century icon of en:Jesus at St. Katherine’s Monastery.

Some scientist have concluded that the influence from a non-beard Jesus to a bearded Jesus is that some of the Christian pilgrims may have come across an image of the Shroud of Turin during their travels. I was investigating the DVD documentary that connects with image of the Shroud to be the model of future images of Jesus especially those of the icon.

Have any else notices it.

Oh, here is the image of Jesus in the Shroud.


Interesting. Of course, there is no physical description of Jesus in the Bible, and I don’t think He would take offense at an artist’s interpretation. The communities have a way they see Jesus, and it makes religious art much more varied. Otheriwse, they’d look like political cartoons:D :smiley: :smiley:


The Shroud theory is plausible (especially since the Sinai Pantocrator has many similarities to the Shroud:,

but remember that those images from the 3rd C. were made during the Persecution, when it was necessary to ‘hide’ Christian symbols or disguising them into ones that look similar to pagan imagery (Notice that the second image was an image of Christ as the sun god Helios, albeit with a cruciform halo on his head)

P.S. Here’s another bearded Jesus image from the mid-4th Century, from the Catacombs of Sts. Marcellinus and Peter:


You should rent the PBS special “The Face”. It talks about all the depictions of Jesus, in different places and times.


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