From a purely aesthetic viewpoint do you think Western or Eastern Catholic vestments look best?


From a purely aesthetic viewpoint do you think Western or Eastern Catholic vestments look best?

Roman Catholic bishop with deacons and a priest to the far right.

Roman Catholic bishop with priests

Priests EC
Eastern Catholic clergy. Deacon on left, bishops wearing crowns, the rest are priests


Those EC vestments are a bit gaudy IMO… I have always loved old pre Vatican 2 Roman cut vestments, personally


The Roman Catholic Church is fully represented – except for the dalmatics that look like chasubles.


I see now that the bishop is wearing Roman cut. i’ll edit my post as such- sorry!


No comment at all.


Them Easterners (both Catholic and Orthodox), loves them some bling!


yeah… but in my opinion, the EC’s base fabric is a little too shiny for my taste


Prefer the RC vestments. Although not part of the vestments, the Crucifix on the wall and Monstrances on the shelf produce a beautiful backdrop.

The EC vestments, while beautiful, do not send the same message of Christ’s representative. I do love the wall and artwork.


I prefer the Easter Catholic vestments. Icons over statues too. :sunglasses::wink:


The wall is the iconostasis, behind which is the altar. The western equivalant would be the rood screen which was used in the western church in the middle ages (I don’t know when the Latin Church stopped using it).


Thanks. Did not know that. It’s lovely. I’m sure it is even more impressive seen live.


It depends on the church. Some churches are more ornate than others, just like in the Western Church. :grinning:


traditional eastern vestments


Some of the podrizniks worn by the Eastern priests looks suspiciously like albs…


The icons look nice though.


But those sedate Westerners, not so much?




Those “fiddleback” Roman chasubles look like bulletproof vests to me. Or maybe like XRAY protectors in a way.

I like the Eastern epimanikia (wrist cuffs), but not the zone (gut belt.)


i don’t think that there is too much argument that the eastern vestments are more ornate than the western

not 100% sure this is something we should get overly involved in

the sacraments are more important

i think that goes without saying…


I prefer Eastern for the variety and vibrancy of the colors.


And I love the fact that nobody thinks they all have to match…



They are now, but that is very much a matter of what is presently in fashion. Vestments in the West were much more ornate 100 years ago than they are now. The West has moved to a much simpler ascetic, in both fashion and liturgy.

In the East, we have not changed much at all (in the same time period)…

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