From Bush to Obama: Sanctity of Human Life Day to Gay Pride Month

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I suppose all this is a matter for USA citizens. However, many of us sympathetic to the USA cannot understand this constant sniping at the best President you have had in living memory. It is so refreshing to see a President who can speak coherently, thoughtfully and intelligently and who is free of the type of knee-jerk populism which passed for political discussion in the Bush years.

Why should the two special days mentioned be mutually exclusive? Have both and rejoice in both of them


Because 'homosexual pride' is sinfu, scandalousl and displeasing to God?

Are you referring to this current president, who apparently can not speak without benefit of teleprompter?

And tell me again why any Catholic obedient to the Church would vote for such a vehement pro-abortionist.

People need to come to the understanding that homosexual 'pride' and sanctity of life do seem to be mutually exclusive.

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