From Canada, R-486 ("abortion pill) up for approval

Health Canada to review approval for R-486 :frowning:

Need prayers for my country and our unborn. Can you believe that abortion on demand is available throughout the entire pregnancy? Morganteller is treated like a god here…

It’s really astonishing to me that the basic act of brutal murder has been turned into a matter of ‘choice’; the “dignity of women”. The Holocaust is nothing compared to the amount of human life lost to abortion and sex-craziness. I am ashamed to live in Canada because of the country’s obsession with the Self - evidenced in the freedom we grant to murderers. What a scandal.

Lord Jesus, protect and save the unborn.

Did you just seriously compare one of the biggest, most institutionalized genocide in history, to abortion? Like seriously? Really? Just…I give up, I really give up. I don’t even know what “sex-craziness” is so I’ll leave that alone. This is offensive to anyone who died in the holocaust and anyone with a half a brain.

tens of million more lives have been lost in the abortion mills of america than in the camps.and stop insulting people.

I will stop insulting people, when there stops being so much to insult, glad to know you consider abortion a bigger issue than the holocaust. **** it I am done with this stupid forum, it was fun to laugh at the idiots on here for a while, but the sheer stupidity is getting to be too much, screw you, you *******.


still here ?

Uh somebody comes to a Catholic forum and are shocked that the posters are <<>> catholic??? :eek: I give up :shrug:

I wonder why you are in a catholic forum when in fact you are not catholic.
You know you will have a bad day being in these forums since catholic values are not aligned with yours. What is your point? Why are you wasting your time?

Are you even interested in getting to know the Catholic faith?

i know,who woulda tunk it :hmmm:

And all the while acting as if “those Americans” are just sub-Canadians. We’ve bought our own hype as being the perfect country. It would funny if it weren’t so sad.

Want an abortion? Forget the “deep south, backwoods, redneck” law of the “uber-religious woman-haters”, come to Canada and abort you full term blob any time. :mad:

Interesting that the article didn’t bother mentioning all of the other conditions Mifepristone is used to treat.

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