From Dublin: News of the implementation of Summorum Pontificum [Fr. Z]

I received this e-mail from a kind reader. Slightly edited and with my **emphases **and comments.

Dear Fr. Zuhlsdorf,

Since 1989 the Archdiocese of Dublin has had Mass in the Extraordinary rite celebrated in a city centre church on Sundays and holydays. The Easter Triduum has also been permitted as well as the customary three Masses at Christmas.

On Sunday last the Archbishop announced that he wishes to make a wider provision for those attracted by the Extraordinary rite. He is establishing a chaplaincy with a resident priest to provide a daily Mass in addition to the existing arrangements. He also announced that all the Sacraments will be available in the old rite together with funeral Masses.

The resident priest will be assisted by the existing team of two other diocesan priests and two regulars (a Carmelite and a Marist). A Dominican is expected to join the team shortly.

This enhanced service will involve a move to another city centre church. Its something of a gem since it is Pugin designed and is in excellent condition.

This is a great development and will add to the already large congregations of about 400 who attend Mass weekly. Its always a Missa Cantata or Solemn High Mass with high quality choirs providing the music.

… Many thanks for your excellent website which I have been following for a long time.

This is very happy news.

Hopefully there will be success stories as the Motu Proprio is implemented and the joy will spread.

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