From Inquiry to Catachumen


I just took my first big step with faith and have gone from the stage of inquiry to Catachumen. I’m excited but also nervous. Is there anything as far as advice I should keep in mind as I go through RCIA?

For context, I grew up not really going to church. My my mom and dad took my sister and I a few different Protestant Churches growing up but after that we never really went again. And I spent the last few years as an adult being non-religious/atheist.



Philippians 4:4 - Rejoice in the Lord always!

The rest will fall into place!


WELCOME HOME and may your journey into the Catholic Church be a blessed one that you cherish for the rest of your life. ASK questions, research and by all means REJOICE!


Welcome!!! You warm my heart!!! Thank you!!!

My advice is to read all you can, especially, the Book, books about and by the Saints, especially books with the imprimatur and nihil obstat.

Also, my advice is to pray and spend lots of time with God, and to receive the sacraments as soon as you are accepted into the faith, and to receive often, the ones you can receive often.

Also, please pray for me.


I’ve just started reading Mere Christianity, the Deacon at the parish where I’m going to be doing RCIA and attending mass really recommended it to me. I’m very lucky in that they literally just started last week and I’ve missed only one meeting.

And I will try and be sure to remind myself to say a prayer for you when I make my nightly prayer later during the evening.


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