From LCMS to Catholicism, book recommendations?

I’m a lifelong LCMS member exploring converting to RC. My wife of 25 years is RC but attends an LCMS church and our two daughters are baptized/confirmed LCMS. Other than the Catholic Catechism, is there one or two other books that are recommended for learning more about Catholic worship? I’m not really looking for a book designed to convince me to convert, just something that explains more in layman’s terms the basics of RC worship. And yes, I do plan to speak to a local priest and would take his guidance as my primary source of information.

“The Catholic Mass For Dummies” by Rev. John Trigilio, Rev. Kenneth Brighenti, Rev. Monsignor James Cafone. 2011, John Wiley & Sons

How wonderful! :extrahappy: I think you’ll find that Catholicism is a truly rich Faith.

As for book recommendations, I would suggest “Catholicism for Dummies”:

I will pray for your conversion!

Both “Dummies” books should be very helpful. They are written for the layman, and contain a concentrated amount of information on the beliefs and practices of the faith, as well as the reasons behind them. Highly recommended.

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