From Northern Utah

I was baptised five short years ago in Utah. My wife has always been Catholic. I went to Mass for many years before the light went off. It happened when I was asked to proceed to the front for a special blessing. I did not want to be in this line. Then I yearned to be in this line. I have been called to the ministry of Aopologetics. I found Catholic Answers early on. It helped so much. Please give this Catholic your input in order for me to keep walking the path for Christ.
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I was taught Mormonism as a very early age. If you have any questions I would love to humbly answer. If you know anyone who is thiinking about converting to this faith please e-mail me at

Peace in Christ Always

Dear Rich,

What a beautiful web page. I hope you reach many with it. My favorite aunt and uncle are Mormons. What a wonderful, rich heritage of family and community they have! I wish they could open their hearts to the Catholic faith and come home!

Thank you.

My grandmother was Mormon. Great women, always made me feel special. We have had good success here in Northen Utah. Not great numbers, just great conversions to Christ. A few years back in the RCIA one who was raised Mormon all his life, when asked who are we as Catholic Christians he moved his chair foreward and said this as if he had just received a revelation…which he did…“We are the Body of Christ Jesus” That was a great moment for God.
Thanks again

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