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Hello all,

I have posted on here on a few occasions now and feel like it is appropriate to write an update. Hope that’s ok, if so here goes.

I am now well underway, under the instruction of my priest, into being received into the Church. I thank God for bringing me to heart of Catholicism and I’m learning so much. So many things that I refuted as a Pentecostal for so many years are now making sense and I realised that I was so ignorant to the point of arrogance of the truth of Catholicism.

Also, my 2 beautiful daughters will be baptised into the Church in the next coming weeks with my eldest making her first Sacrament of Reconciliation in a few months time also. My soon to-be husband has been so understanding and accepting of the children being raised Catholic. He is more than happy to have them baptised, which is a wonderful answer to prayer! We are getting married this year and, although we are not getting married in the church because I understand that my fiancé is not wanting the wedding Mass, we will be having a convalidation ceremony shortly after the wedding day itself. Please do not judge us for doing it this way, I have already spoken to the priest regarding this matter. My fiancé totally respects my belief in God and said that he would be honoured to have our marriage and rings blessed by our parish priest (who is a wonderful man indeed).

Also, I now have a prayer corner in my house with a standing crucifix, vial of holy water, my Sunday and Weekday Missals, my breviary, my other prayer books, a candle with the Our Lady and a candle of the Sacred Heart of Our Lord and my rosary beads on it. I hope to post a photo up of it soon.

I have had some battles with Catholicism lately but, through prayer reading books and talking to others and my priest, I have overcome them. Our Lady was, without a doubt, my hardest challenge to accept. I was very arrogant before in what I thought of her but now I find myself thinking of her praying for me to her Glorious Son as I recite a decade or more of the Rosary. Which leads me onto the next bit, I didn’t understand the Rosary at all but now I find it one of the most amazing devotions that I can do. I love mediating on the mysteries as I pray it, whether that be in the house or in the church. I go to Mass every day except Saturday (as I work all day that day). I love to kneel before the Lord in silence looking at Him above and around the Tabernacle before Mass begins. I’ve become a lot more at peace and calmer since starting on this journey and I thank God for what He has done for me so far, the wonderful small parish that I attend, my priest and for THE most understanding fiancé ever. Also a big thank you to all on here who have helped along the way and I believe who will continue to do so when the occasion presents itself. I cannot wait to receive Our Lord in the Eucharist, my hunger is strong but not as strong as Him Who cannot wait to consume me! Please continue to pray for me, it won’t be long now until I am received into the Church.

God bless you all and thanks again!!

Cheryl-Lee Raine (soon to be McPhillie)

Let yourselves be taken over by the light of Christ and spread that light wherever you go - BLESSED POPE JOHN PAUL II


Did your priest not tell you that you could be married in the Catholic Church without having a Nuptial Mass? That would be the best way to go. It is a marriage ceremony, with reading of the Word, but no Mass. Or is that also a problem for your fiance? As far as I know, it is pretty much how a convalidation would be handled, anyway. So why go for a civil marriage first?

Not judging. I am just wondering why the priest would not have suggested this.


Dear Chezel1984, (Cheryl-Lee)

I can’t even tell you how much your post brightened my day, encouraged me, edified my soul, and just made me smile! :love: :love:

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage and God bless you and your family and your husband-to-be! He sounds like a great guy and you sound lovely as well!


Thanks be to God! May the Holy Spirit continue to guide you on your journey.



Just a wee update to let you all know that my daughters are going to be baptised into the Church on Sunday 8th February after Mass. As I said to my priest, 2 down 1 to go!! (Referring to me of course) My fiance and I will have our marriage blessed shortly after the civil ceremony and he is more than willing to have the children raised in the Catholic faith. My eldest will make her first Sacrament of Reconciliation on Monday 2nd March.

Thanks for your kind words


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