From pot to the death penalty: Here are the issues America will be voting on


District of Columbia

**Voters in the nation’s capital will decide whether they want their city to become the 51st state. **The measure, backed by Mayor Muriel Bowser, should pass easily, but that’s probably as far as it goes. Congress would need to approve any such change and Republicans are unlikely to go along with it. With registered Democrats outnumbering Republicans by 12-1 in the city, statehood would tip the balance in the U.S. Senate with two more Democrats . . .


Nebraska voters have the opportunity to reinstate the death penalty and reverse last year’s decision by the state legislature. The citizen-led ballot measure has triggered millions in campaign spending . . .


Six initiatives are on the statewide ballot, including raising the minimum wage to $13.50 an hour by 2020 and imposing a carbon emission tax on certain fossil fuels.

I first heard all about it . . . on the Canadian News. :o


Lots of pot initiatives.


Yep, we’ve got both a death penalty abolition and pot legalization measure in California.


In Kansas we will vote on whether to amend the state constitution in order to ensure citizens have the right to hunt, fish and trap.


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