From Syria to Iraq, Kenya to Malaysia: How new era of Islamic fundamentalism is spreading fear and chaos around the world


Internet flooded with images and videos of executions from Sunni militants aiming to topple Iraqi government
*]At least five die in Kenya attack just days after Al Qaeda-inspired group Al Shabaab kill 60 in twin massacres
*]Islamist militants Boko Haram feared to have snatched 90 villagers in Nigeria after kidnapping 300 Christian girls
*]Attacks between Christian and Islamic militia in Central African Republic ‘risk creating conditions for genocide’
*]Sudanese woman freed from death row for marrying a Christian is re-arrested for not using her Muslim name
*]Middle East security expert: 'All the evidence shows that extremism is on the rise - but Islam is not to blame[/LIST]

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‘But in all three cases this has nothing to do with Islam. I think people in the West may think it is because they feel alienated by Islam. There is a lot of Islamaphobia.’

Of course not!


Who cares. :yawn:

These Muslim and African Civil Wars have nothing to do with the United States.

These various Muslim movements and countries are not united into a solid bloc.

Our biggest mistake in the first place was sinking all that blood, talent, and treasure policing a bunch of Sunnis and Shiites and Pashtuns and Tajiks for 10 + years.

If Iraq’s P.M. with his 900,000 man Iraqi Army can’t crush 5,000-7,000 ISIS insurgents, it’s his problem, not ours.

I feel sorry for the Christians in the Middle East but if we hadn’t invaded in the first place, they would have been left alone, and even while the U.S. Military Forces were in Iraq we never protected them anyway and our foreign intervention has hurt the Christians throughout the Middle East, and has not helped them.


That was commonly thought before 9/11.


Don’t lose yourselves refighting the Iraq War. What is happening now may have been prevented with a SOFA or with some kind of quick response. These groups attacked and took over parts of Iraq in the early part of 2014. With Obama’s lightening speed…to the golf course…and lack of response they have been emboldened. At this case I agree, let’s you and him fight…

Where I have true concern is the persecution by the “religion of peace…BLECH!!!” which is like a modern day scourge throughout the Middle East and Africa. I am getting an inside view as I attend Daily Mass that is staffed by African priests. They speak of their villages destroyed, women raped and slaughtered along with children. These people are evil and their perverted religion is used as an excuse to engage in this slaughter.

Along with Obama the UN is it’s typical useless self. Heaven forbid the UN officials would take a break from the cocktail circuit to actually address what is being done in the name of Islam.



I feel bad for the Christians living in these parts of the world who are being severely persecuted because of Islamists.


You can’t ignore the headlines. It seems almost daily there is a brazen attack somewhere by islamic fundamentalists. These terrorists are dophisticated with their use of media that show the graphic images and they get the attention they want. They use social media to recruit muslims around the world to join them in their jihad.

How do they justify their killing and evil behavior as a way of endearing people to their religion of peace is a mystery to me?

I feel so sorry for the people who have to live anywhere that islam is trying to get the upperhand.


They are basically uneducated in the real teaching of the Muslim faith. Not that I am defending this religion but what is happening according to our Egyptian guide is that TRIBAL customs are being incorporated into Islam and ginned up by radical groups and leaders. Think about it; if Hitler could take the Germans who have been historically an educated and cultured group, convince them their problems were due to Jews and turn them into savage and irrational killers, how much easier to get some angry young man in Africa to attack outside influences such as Western Civilization, Christianity and modernism. I’d say these individuals act like animals but that would be demeaning to animals. The only way to stop them is to kill them. They would not continue if they were afraid of retaliation. But like Ghengis Khan they have generated such fear in the populace that people flee instead of fight.

This is truly horrible and that it’s being ignored by the UN and Western Countries is outrageous.



Seriously, what ISIS and the other Islamic fundamentalists are doing today is no different than what Mohammad and the early Caliphs did. When you read the history, you see that they are simply following the example of the past. Christianity forced Western civilization to become more humane in how it conducts warfare, for the most part, that didn’t happen in Islamic countries. They are stuck in the past, and the past is pretty brutal.


Yes, they converted and still convert “at the point of a sword” rather than through love. And before you trot out the Crusades (not you Giliam but the usual suspects) remember this was a) a LONG time ago b) the brutality in some incidents has been roundly condemned and c) no Christian in that past thousand years or so has suggested compulsory conversion.

I think that much of this is simply evil people engaging in evil acts and getting the ignorant and gullible to follow in their wake. They are opposed to modernism and education (particularly Boko Haram) and instead of simply living their lives as they choose, are demanding that others adhere to their cruel, evil, and hateful assault on human rights.

Again where is the UN that seems inordinately worried about clerical abuse and Israel? Interesting priorities aren’t they?



I am currently reading a book on the history of Catholicism. Since the birth of Islam it seems they have been engaged in what we are witnessing in the headlines today. It is really sad. Yes there were the crusades which were really not that successful except for one I think.
The crusades were not forcing people to convert. They were trying to protect christian holy sites which was in one small area of the world
and protect the pilgrims travelling there.
It seems when they had their Ottoman empire they were happy and the rest of civilization progressed. Once the empire was dissolved it appears it has been a mess over there. I don’t understand the tribalism
and it seems like the cultures of the middle east except for Israel are backwards and from some of the headlines I read from India and Pakustan I include them also.


Middle East security expert: 'All the evidence shows that extremism is on the rise - but Islam is not to blame

What is to blame for Islamist estremism to be on the rise then?


How can you separate Islam from the things that are happening?

Like I said earlier and another factor besides religion is the breakup of the Ottoman Empire after WWI that gave us the countries over there today. But the Sunnis fighting the Shiites certainly has to do with Islam. And in Africa they are definitely targeting christian communities. What about the poor woman in Sudan sentened to 100 lashes and death for marrying a christian man? You wojld have to be in extreme denial to say Islam is not to blame for some of this.


Like many eras in history, the Crusades have been woefully misinterpreted, misreported and many are completely mistaken about the reasons for and the actual results. We can debate whether atrocities were committed…they undoubtedly were and on both sides just as atrocities are committed when islamists barge into a church and hack everyone to death.

The rise of Islamists HAS been the driving force behind virtually all of the organized violence and war for the past decade. Even if a majority of Muslims are peaceful, it does not negate the reality that when you hear stories of gratuitous violence and slaughter of innocents such as are becoming sadly frequent from Africa to Syria, even occasionally in Europe, you can bet that the perpetrators are members of the “religion of peace…” (sarcasm intended)



I don’t know how that the security expert referred to in the OP can separate Islamist extremism from Islam.

I know why it is politically correct for people to do so. I even hold forth the possibility that another form of Islam will maybe perhaps one day rise to the dominant positions that extremist Islamists now hold, from Syria to Iraq, from Kenya to Malaysia.

But I don’t know what else besides Islam would be responsible for the rise of extremist Islamists. ISIS and El quada and the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas and Hizbollah and the Ayatollahs and the Wahhabi religious police all consider themselves devout and authentic Muslims, completely devoted to, and inspired by, Islam.

By what logic does the security expert dispute their claims, and considers that Islam is not central to their extremist |slamist agenda?


Slight correction- Islam, like Christianity, did affect the rules and usage of warfare. The difference between the two faiths is that the Islamic teachings are, due to the errors within them, locked within a specific timeframe/knowledge base which results in Islamic teachings about war not being able to be more fully developed as more knowledge is gained. At the time of their adoption, Islamic teachings for warfare were what we would consider very right and proper when compared with the past and the then current accepted norms.

As for ISIS being no different than what Muhammad did or taught, you will have to prove that ISIS isn’t actually violating Islamic teachings concerning prisoners, non-combatants, treatment of fellow Muslims, the proper usage of warfare, etc.


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