“From the Heart of Blessed Mary…”

From Our Franciscan Fiat

This morning, at Mass, we closed with the well-known hymn, Sing of Mary. Sister Elaine, the organist, intended to play a little postlude to the song, but things went a bit differently than she intended.

Possibly, different notes came out than she had planned on; whatever the case, the congregation interpreted it as the start of the third verse, for which cause I was happy. I really like the third verse, which is a doxology to the Trinity.

I think the words are so beautiful:

Glory be to God the Father;
Glory be to God the Son;
Glory be to God the Spirit;
Glory to the Three in One.
From the heart of Blessed Mary,
From all saints the song ascends,
And the Church the strain reechoes
Unto earth’s remotest ends.

Although I am not particularly fond a the hymn in general, the words of this final verse always stir my heart. We are giving praise to God, which is wonderful, but it goes on further. This last verse points out that this same hymn of praise is also rising “from the heart of Blessed Mary.” It is a beautiful point to reflect upon.

Mary had a pure heart, untouched by sin. What a pure and beautiful hymn of praise must come from her! It is wonderful to think about our unity with “Blessed Mary” and all the saints in praising God.

I think of the words of the gospel about how she reflected on the mysteries of Christ’s life “in her heart.”

I pray, too, that from this pure, spotless heart, Mary may pray for me in her perfect way. I, in all my need and imperfection, certainly stand in need of her motherly love and intercession.

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