"From the Housetops" periodical


I saw this in another thread which mentioned Fr. Feeney’s excommunication. Following the link, I found the following paragraph: (My concern is the periodical .)

“From what has been said it is evident that those things which are proposed in the **periodical , **fascicle 3, as the genuine teaching of the Catholic Church are far from being such and are very harmful both to those within the Church and those without.”

Is the above saying that there are errors in “From the Housetops” magazine? It looks like that’s what is being said. I know the magazine has long been out of production, but I have about 20 copies of “From the Housetops” and I’ve always thought it was a good solid Catholic magazine. If there are errors within these, I want to get rid of them. Any answers? Thank you in advance!


If so, recycle them, don’t pass then on to anyone else or you may be passing on errors. God Bless. Memaw


I’ve never heard of the magazine, so I can’t say…

But in general, there’s always a possibility that a single article in a magazine could be erroneous. That doesn’t mean it’s contaminated every other article that ever appeared. If you saw a pattern of mistakes and errors in every issue, or in many of them, that would be different.


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