Frontline on PBS,Tuesday, Feb. 3rd at 10PM - Parkinson's Disease (embryonic stem cell)

This show shows Michael J Fox and others as they explore Parkinson’s disease and question what is the future of embryonic stem cell research; at least that is what the preview suggests.:mad:


It will be interesting to see why they think embryonic stem cell research is needed. What I have been told time and again is that the embryonic stem cell research has not yielded anything in years of research while adult stem cell research has yielded countless treatments.

The Catholic Church is against embryonic stem-cell research because it involves the destruction of human embryos. Pope John Paul II said embryonic stem-cell research is related to abortion, euthanasia and other attacks on innocent life.

I believe embryonic stem cell research is needed to fund the abortion clinics. They need each other.

From Wiki

After nearly ten years of research, there are no approved treatments or human trials using embryonic stem cells.

Adult stem cell treatments have been successfully used for many years to treat leukemia and related bone/blood cancers through bone marrow transplants. Adult stem cells are also used in veterinary medicine to treat tendon and ligament injuries in horses. The use of adult stem cells in research and therapy is not as controversial as embryonic stem cells, because the production of adult stem cells does not require the destruction of an embryo. Additionally, because in some instances adult stem cells can be obtained from the intended recipient, (an autograft) the risk of rejection is essentially non-existent in these situations. Consequently, more US government funding is being provided for adult stem cell research.

And to serve as a moral justification of this exploitation of human life. Ironically, ESC research is a bit like atomic fusion:The concept is one thing; the creation of the technology. another.

My Father, My Brother and Me is online at PBS.

I suffer from a muscular degenerative disease and stem cell for me is not where I will look for healing or does it prove anything as has been stated. I do believe in water fasting,and root and veggie juice fasting for 21-30 days. I’ve regained movement where once there was paralyzation.

sorry i got off sub. i just had to say my side here.:shrug:


Hi, RykerJ, thanks for sharing your experience & opinion with us. I am SO happy that your muscular degenerative disease has improved. I will say a prayer that your good results & mobility will continue…:gopray2:

I saw about the last half of this Frontline episode. It was all about the devastating effects of Parkinson’s. They discussed embryonic stem cell research & presented lots of the usual misconceptions. Things like the myth that Pres. Bush has banned stem cell research, that miraculous breakthroughs are just around the corner when we get rid of the evil George Bush… A year or 2 ago there was another Frontline episode that covered a doctor that was researching treatments for spinal cord injury after his daughter was paralyzed. The program was also very biased & manipulative. I get angry when people that are suffering with all kinds of problems are misled & given false hopes.

I also saw a portion of the show and they used the time honored approach of painting the Church teaching on stem cells as a backward, authoritarian control measure based on knee-jerk reaction to ‘progress.’

Shamefully little effort was put into explaining the basis for the Catholic Church teaching condemning the use of embryonic stem cells. Instead they put on the usual guilt trip showing Michael J Fox and essentially implying the question “How could anyone oppose helping to heal this man?”

Never once did they explore the question “What price would the potential for healing extract from us?”

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