Frozen grapes


Does anyone else freeze their grapes in the summer. I LOVE them frozen (not ideal for little little ones of course). DH thinks I am nuts. To me they are like candy.

If you haven’t tried it, you should!!

Seedless of course!! :thumbsup:


That’s hillarious that you bring that up. My personal trainer suggested that as a healthy alternative to hard candy when you just got to have hard candy.

I haven’t tried them yet. Do you freeze the green or red or both?



shudder I tried them once. I got brain freeze. WAY too cold for me. If you like them, by all means, go for it… but they’re not my thing. :o


I don’t like red grapes, so I just freeze the green ones.
Oh I also freeze bing cherries, WONDERFUL, although since they have seeds I would NOT give them to kids!!


I just eat them one at a time and let them melt in my mouth :smiley:

I think it is just one of those things you either love it or hate it. :shrug:


I’ve never heard of freezing grapes… I guess I’ll have to try it. :slight_smile:


One of the best parts of summer! I love them! Last week I bought about 6 pounds of grapes when they were on sale and put them all in the freezer (after washing, of course)! :smiley:


I guess I am the odd one. I like hot grapes. Not that I would microwave them or anything, but grapes that you just picked, that have been out getting hot in the sun are pretty sweet and juicy.


:yup: Yummy! I love frozen grapes. Although I usually go for the red ones, I like them better. :smiley:


Love the red ones frozen. MMMM Good. When we get them I freeze a bag for each night. Cool’s you right down too.


My g/f likes it, but it hurts my teeth when I eat them - too cold.


I love frozen grapes during the summer! They’re the best! :thumbsup:


I like munching on frozen grapes and…

peas… :o


Too funny…my kids do this with grapes and blueberries, too. Makes my teeth hurt just to think about it, but they love it.


I love frozen grapes! Glad to see there are others who enjoy them as well (I thought I was the one who discovered it:D ). The thought recently came across my mind to make some home-made Sangria and add frozen grapes. Sounds refreshing to me:) .


Haven’t tried it but did notice that they sell them already frozen:thumbsup:

I have very sensitive teeth so don’t think I’d like them though:shrug:


Peeled and sliced up frozen peaches are heaven. You can eat them with a spoon!


I love frozen grapes, blueberries, strawberries, peaches, mango, and lima beans (I know, I’m a weird one). However, I think they’re at there best when they’re slightly thawed.


That reminded me, I used to freeze pineapple rings when DS was teething and let him chew on them (I know now days they have little sack things you can use). Anyway, he still LOVED frozen pineapple.


My parents farm mangoes, so I get quite a bit of frozen mango - makes the best mango smoothies!

Never tried the grapes, but it would make a great alternative to sugary iceblocks or lollies.

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