Frustrated with priest not following church teachings

I live 30 miles from the nearest catholic church and 45 miles to the next one so basically the one 30 miles away is the only choice geographically

We have 2 priests one follows church teaching but the older one tries to constantly walk the edge of talking about what frustrates him about the church. The majority of people that follow church teachings have left for another parish. But as I said that’s way to far for my family it would be over an hour drive in each direction and 3000’ of snowy mountain roads. But also we could be on the edge of bringing back to orthodox teaching with the younger priest.

I am really frustrated though because of
A) the orthodox Catholics dont attend the local church
B) the older priest seems like he had done a lot of damage because many lapsed Catholics are attending fundemenlist churches in my town.

What to do???

A few suggestions:
Pray hard for both of your priests and for your fellow parishioners. Be careful to ensure solid catechesis at home so that your children (if you have them) do not become confused about what the church teaches. Is it possible to determine the mass schedule of the orthodox priest? Perhaps you might be able to schedule assisting at mass to coincide with his ministry. And, if you ever move, you might want to consider parish boundaries as a factor in determining your choice of locations. (I’ve known people who have relocated to be close to orthodox priests.) Of course priests are often moved from parish to parish, so this does not guarantee that either your current parish or a possible future parish will stay the same.
May God bless you and and our priests. Amen.

Can you report this to his bishop?

Inform your Bishop about that and discuss the matter with him.

To give you some hope for the long term, I can tell you that in my 30 years in the Church (I joined when I was 21) I have seen a gradual and inexorable return to orthodoxy in teaching and correctness in the liturgy. The worst days of the liturgical abuses and confused priest are behind us. Pray for this priest, value him as your pastor, and understand that his generation suffered much disruption and confusion.

As others have said, continue to build your own knowledge of the faith from orthodox sources, and, depending on the severity of any abuses or heterodox teaching, you may have to report them to the bishop.

That is right, I think the Bishop should be taking serious consideration for that kind of priest who creates confusion and chaos to lives of people and the life of the Church. There is one kind of priest whom I have discussed about, in my Diocese. If the Bishop does not take this situation seriously, there will be more danger and confusions. Playing around the ‘confusion’ and ‘this chaotic confusion’ does not help the situation but give more chances to this ‘evil priest’ to do damage to more lives physically and spiritually. Behind all this confusion and chaos are really the work of evil forces in which the priest I talked about is responsible for all. His tactical move are as wise as the devil and confuse many by using other people to cover up his evil deeds so that others could be blamed for his evil deeds.
Remember our Church your prayers also.
In Christ and Mary.

He’s not that bad I’m just frustrated that he never brings up a tough subject the worst thing he has ever said is that priest should be married. some times be talks during service and honestly I have no idea what he talked about

While the younger priest talks about
The nesesity of confession, controception, the real presence, the need for evangelation

Rejoice that God has given you an opportunity, however small, to unite your sufferings during Mass to His on the cross!

Nice camera, I wonder where that idea comes from hahaha. The Cross - Crucifix is the most powerful symbol of Catholic Faith.

You are lucky enough to have 2 priests in one parish, and one of them is actually good! Rejoice! The other is your typical mediocre, confused priest that 80 percent of the country still has to tolerate in their parishes. So ignore the old guy and find out what time the priest you like is saying Mass each weekend, and plan your family’s time to attend that Mass. Seems simple to me.

Also, forget talking to the bishop, you have no charge against this priest that they will take even remotely seriously. Choose your battles, and talk to the bishop when the priest does something really egregious and offensive. Maybe, and only maybe, then the bishop will care.

If that is the “worst” thing he has ever said I don’t see any problem there. The issue of priests be allowed or not to get married is a discipline and not Church doctrine. We have to accept disciplines but we may disagree with them.

He has also said “there are many things I would like to say but I’d loose my job”

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