I was on a forum about piano and I mentioned God and got jumped in and this person who is a non believer who can play and is younger than me… and i still am not that good. and I beg God and I mean BEG BEG God, and nothing. and then I read about this 5 year old who can play Chopin and i can’t , yet I begged God in front of the tabernacle and i get ignored this kid don’t ask and he gets. So tired of this. I am losing hope in prayer. I am at the end of my rope.
I know there are people worse off and like one person posted a picture of a child who lost everything and all she had was a scooby doo book and her Father holding her. well there are people that are WAY better off than me and i want a little of what they have and don’t think it is wrong. and i am tired of unanswered prayers If that is the way it’s going to be may as well talk to a telephone pole… it would be the same result. Yes i hope God is reading this too. I give up.

Just because you pray dies not mean God will grant your wishes like some wishing well.

God gives us basic talents and abilities. We have to work at using and perfecting these abilities. Some folks are given natural talent in greater or lesser measure than others.

You need to find what talents you are best at. It may not be what you originally desired or intended. When I was young I always wished and yes prayed that I would be bigger. At least not always the smallest where ever I went. That never happened but I developed other talents, more valuable than height or size. I found there are many things I can do that others can’t. I still will never dunk a basketball but with practice I can shoot three pointers and I can even make a half court shoot given a few tries.

It takes work to develop talent, so just praying for something will not make it happen. IF you want things in life you have to work and plan for it. Prayer helps but some times you have get off your can and work hard for it. You want to get rich, work and save for it. Lottery tickets won’t get you there.

Btw money is not the only thing in life. It wont make you any happier than you are now.

You will learn in time which is your “specialty” and be uplifted. Maybe it is singing! Have an open mind and keep on looking and trying. It is part of growing – and hopefully, we never stop growing!

Be assured that God gave you a special gift. You are not like others! You are unique and special!

You will learn with time which is your “specialty” and be uplifted. Maybe it is singing! Have an open mind and keep on looking and trying things. It is part of growing – and hopefully, we never stop growing!

Be assured that God gave you a special gift. You are not like others! You are unique and special!

I continue being the shortest where ever I go! Hey! What can I say? I never grew up!! But I have fun! :wink:

I need prayers. I would like very much to play organ for my church. I am calling God on his promise in Mark 11;23 and I am not taking no for an answer. I don’t look at God as a genie or a candy machine. I have wanted three things in this life besides my needs ie health food shelter. I want to play the organ ride dressage and be a priest. God allowed me to enter seminary. I was let go by the diocese and found out that I am not called at this time. I am good with that. I got what I prayed for a chance. Now there are only two things I would like to do. and I begged God. The banjo is not fulling musically like a huge church organ. I was given a nice Allen from a Catholic Church in Kentucky as the priest wants a pipe organ. no one to play it but he wants one. The music minister at my Church would love to have someone play as she has to be an engineer where she has to put disks into the clavanova as she don’t play nor wants to. I want to and want to give it to the church. . To play organ/piano for Mass is to me a very high honor to be allowed to partake in the Mass in that capacity. I would like to be a priest but i have too much drama in my life with my debt and the house and all that. I just got a huge Lowrey Royale organ Maybe God will give it. I believe in miracles. I know God only helps those that help themselves but at the same time He helps those in need and i am in great need. I just read that a guy who never played piano had a concussion and now can play piano. Miracles happen. Please you all pray for me and pray for me that I really start praying for others in much more need than I. God bless you so much and much love to you all.

God has given you special gifts. You may not have discovered all of them yet. And God does answer prayers. Maybe not always in what we have specifically asked for; but it does turn out to be what we need. Remember not always in our time but in God’ s. Have faith. God knows are needs before we do. God Bless you.

May the Holy Spirit forever guide you throughout life’s journey.

Pax et Bonum.

How long have you been playing the piano?

Also, it sounds like you have been doing a lot of different things with your life. Those kids who play so well? Not so much! They are young and *rare. *Don’t compare yourself with them. I would not compare myself with a math genius who could do calculus when he was 5!

Just keep playing/practicing. The more you do that, the better you will get. It is really unlikely that God will do anything to ease the process for you… He also wants us to learn about how life works.

Offer up your practicing to God, He will make good use of it :slight_smile:

I admire people who can play musical instruments, the piano, etc.

I played flute for years but had to give it up when my hands got too involved with arthritis, but I remember that the key, at least for me wasn’t in praying to God, it was in practicing! With regards to piano, how many hours a day have you practiced?

I had to really work at it. Sometimes, there are child geniuses, but they are the exception. We must not be envious of anyone else’s gifts. We each have our own.

Plus, besides practicing, there’s another element to it that there’s something else to it. For instance, I thought I wanted to be a medical laboratory technician and had to give it up, switch majors, because I didn’t have whatever it took. There was a knack to it, and I didn’t have it. Further, it required certain physical, emotional and other characteristics I simply didn’t possess. It didn’t suit my personality. It wasn’t me.

At the time, I wasn’t happy about switching majors, but it worked out in the end. I had to try to find something I had more of a natural aptitude for.

I kept trying other things till I stumbled other things I had more of an aptitude for.

When we pray, it isn’t like in “The Secret” or New Age type prayer where we try to manipulate God into giving us what we want, thinking we know better than he does.

We ask for what we need, and want, but in the end…the ideal attitude is one of obedience to his will and acceptance.

“Thy will be done” is the ultimate prayer.

Please pray that God will end the suffering soon and open up whatever in my brain to make this happen. I want to do it for him I am about to give up on God ever saying yes. Mark 11:23 seems to be a farse. so far.

Sounds like the movie Amadeus where Salieri was angry with God because Mozart, who was younger, more talented and vulgar, was a genius. His anger was a matter of pride and envy; the terrible sin of pride.

Yep I understand that and have reflected on that movie. But what about the salieiris of the world. .wasn’t Salieri a believer and they portrayed Mozart as this dirt bag womanizing stumble bum. I know it is wrong to be envious. But there comes a time when you have to deal with total honest anger I am angry at the situation and Mark 11;23 ain’t applying. I am the fool thinking that God will come to my assistance with this. And call it envy or jealousy no I call it I am sick and tired and I DON"T want to be the Salieri in this situation and I resent the fact that so far I am. I am sure most of us gets angry with God. if we are honest with ourselves. at least one point. Here is this person who created this universe, and all that dwell within it, ask for a favor as a child would his parents, and it is NO. when he could simply do it I am totally honest with God. Protestants ask “do you have a personal relationship with Jesus?” I can honestly say yes.

We ask what we would like. However, Jesus asked God, the Father, 3 times if it would be possible to have this cup of suffering, crucifixion…crowinng with thorns, scourging, being stripped naked in front of everyone including his mother, utterly humiliated, given vinegar to drink when he said he was thirsty, carrying a very large and heavy cross when he was INNOCENT and GOD!

Further, he was born in a stable, put in a feeding trough as his first “bed”, had to undergo the “flight to Egypt” at a very young, a very painful circumcision at 8 days of age, and scripture told us he knew hunger…40 days in the desert…thirst…on the cross, betrayal, sadness, loss, and yet, he still said that not his will but that of the Father’s be done.

He underwent all this for you, and your sins! He underwent this for our sins.

Have you ever read the “Book of Job”? It’s only a few pages. He asked of Job, his first born and all his possessions, and his health. Of Abraham, he likewise, asking for his firstborn.

We need to be asking as our first question, "What’s GOD’S will? Not, “What’s my will?”

We need to ask ourselves what our motivations are for asking. Are we asking our of our will to do God’s will or selfishness?

So often we think what *we *want to do for God, but it turns out that is not what *God *wants from us. It sounds like you have asked God for what you want. Maybe you should ask God for what He wants from you.

I do ask God. I figured that since I am single never married believe in ALL the teachings of the Church and still Virgin. Priesthood was what he wanted. Nope. I don’t know what he wants from me. I just don’t

You have certain plans for your life, the way you think it ought to go to make you happy.
Do you know what God’s plans are for your life?
Have you visited a Eucharistic Adoration Chapel and asked Him …
then listened?
For an answer, however unexpected, that just happens to fit.
Even when you get an answer of which direction to take,
don’t expect it to be easy or without suffering.
There might even be spiritual battles
possibly taking the form of migraines, infections (in my case, a really noticeable eye infection that would just so happen to strike on a “big day”), cold/flu, car trouble, family or job stress, temptation to get distracted and/or focus on other things instead of what God is calling you to do, the temptation to give up, etc.
The answer is the old Catholic tradition of
“pray and work”
But when God wants you to succeed
and you cooperate with God,
you’ll succeed.

Praying for you,

~~ the phoenix

If you can keep this up, you might win a crown in heaven for maintaining your virginity! Yes, for those worthy of paradise, I hear God gives a crown also for martyrdom.

However, at present, you don’t sound ready to be a priest, though, because of this issue right now.

You are angry with God for not making you a gifted pianist! How can you expect to counsel others until you are able to get past your own anger, and envy, over a relatively insignficant issue?

You just got done calling a paragraph in scripture “a farse”! You’re NOT ready to become a priest until you can control your temper a little better AND get to a point you could handle other people’s problems, tempers, and sins.

And when that turned out not to be the case, you said you accepted that. But here you are now, refusing to accept that God is not performing a miracle to make you a great pianist…?

Nope. I don’t know what he wants from me. I just don’t

Well, at least you know what He doesn’t want, which is an instantaneous genius pianist, right?

Look around you–what is there to do? Do you have a job? Do you do it well? Do you have family members who need help? Are you on good terms with your parents and siblings? Is there a need in your parish–food pantry, cleaning work, elderly parishioners who need help with things? Is there a nursing home or prison visiting group you could join?

God needs help with the little things as well as with the big things. Maybe that is where He wants you to help right now.

In the meantime, are you taking piano lessons? Are you practicing every day for a serious amount of time?

I realize that I am not ready or called at this time. I wasn’t let go for anger. It was my debt. and talking with another diocese innocently and that was a no no. you are correct I am not ready and I know I am not.

Would you ever think that maybe God is saving you for a wonderful, Catholic, God-loving woman who is praying for you? There are single (never married) women of all ages who would like to get married, but are praying, looking, and waiting for God’s choice for her. You just never know. God does love you and He does have the best for you. Would you ever “give your child a scorpion when he asks for bread?” If you would not, why do you think God would?

Maybe all you need is to find a good tutor. Thomas Edison once said that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. If you read the lives of those who have achieved the gold medals in their professions in athletics or music you will discover discipline and torturous hours of practice; maybe you are praying for it to be easy. Nothing worth doing is ever easy. But when one becomes envious of others it is a terrible sin. As for God answering prayers, well He always answers us, but sometimes the answer is NO— or Wait. The only thing God wants of us is to make it to heaven and to sanctify us; if something we have would cause us to sin then he will not give it to us no matter how much we pray for it. But becoming a good musician does not entail prayer but rather discipline and practice of the gifts of intellect and will which God has given us.

I would suggest you pray for the virtue of humility and then your anger and frustration will evaporate away and you will be content…

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