Frustration drives Arsal’s FSA into ISIS ranks


                                               And these are the people that many Americans think we should help ?


Doesn’t look good, that’s for sure.

All thanks to the U.S., Canada, England, and Europe. It all started with our meddling in Egypt and " our " love affair with Hamas and Hezbollah.



Actually, it all began with the establishment of the Jewish State of Israel, then the 1st Gulf War, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq only helped the mess grow to what we have today.



Meddling or no, I am tired of people using their feeelings to justify doing evil actions. I am tired of our enabling them to do so. I am tired of people putting their own desire for power over behaving in a way that is not psychopathically cruel or aligning themselves with people like that.

Fight for the Syrian people to be free of Assad by letting in ISIS? Does that *really *make sense?


This started in 622, when Mohammed and his followers started attacking and taking over the towns around them. Then Mohammed died, and the Moslems split, one group continuing with the attacks and takeover until in less than 100 years they had taken ver most of the ME, all across North Africa, the Iberian peninsula and up into France. And that details only one direction.


When President Obama gives his speech on dealing with ISIL/ISIS/IS, we will see if he mentions the Free Syrian Army. Also, this is a good news story but even if the AP or AFP publish a story, I’m not always sure it is so.


We’re talking about events in the Middle East in our time, not 1400 years ago.

Hope this helps.



He will probably mention moderate Syrian rebels. I don’t know if he will specify anyone in particular.


We’re talking about FARS linking up with IS now, not events from 60 years ago…


But the events today are connected to 60 years ago when Palestinians were displaced and dispositioned.

Israel’s announcement a week ago about build new settlements in the West Bank doesn’t help. but only makes many Muslims in the Middle East believe that there is a war against Islam by the Israel and the West who support them. It radicalized many who ended up joining ISIS.



They are working together on the boarder with Lebanon. They aren’t merging. They may be convinced with the right incentives to abandon ISIS and do what they are doing in other places in Syria, actually fighting them.


Yes, and some people also think ISIS veterans returning to Europe can be rehabilitated till they’re on ‘our side’.


I think on this topic we may be even further than poles apart…


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