Frustration re Divine Mercy Sunday in our archdiocese


I guess I just need to vent. Here in our archdiocese, instead of a priest’s homily, we had a video presentation from the archdiocese for its annual fundraising pledge drive. There was absolutely no mention of Divine Mercy Sunday, nor of our newly canonized saints. It was especially galling as one of those saints actually came to our city and we have A Lot of Polish people.



It’s certainly within the (arch)bishop’s purview to do something like this, but I can understand your frustration at receiving something slightly less… edifying than you were hoping for – particularly on such a day.

I can only suggest going to somewhere like ** ** to ease the frustration. :o


A Carmelite would be able to detach, seek peace and find God even in a fundraising video.



Sounds like a Diocese I used to be in.

DMS can be celebrated privately.

It is a shame that on such a special day in our lives this was not addressed in your parish. But I urge caution and charity with your bishop.

Was this Archdiocese wide or just at your parish?


I pinch of disappointment is good once in a while. we can gain from it spiritually. the next time you are praying the divine Mercy vent your frustration by contemplating on How disappointed God feels when He is looking forward to us to do a minor good or another, but we just manage to ignore it and do something else. ask Him for mercy for the many times we stab His already Bleeding Heart.


Well, we try. We’re not always completely successful. :wink:


It’s hard not to be a “consumer” of religion. I’d stick a little closer to your parish; and be there to ask ahead of time what preparations are needed for Divine Mercy Sunday and other grand occasions. And as a novice Carmelite, one could practice a little begging to insure that a proper image is present; flowers are available; and Divine Mercy novenas are procured to set out well ahead of time as starting on Good Friday. God, help us be less removed from our community-family and make us there to prepare and serve, not just consume.


Points well taken, one and all, and thank you.

To answer a previous poster’s question, I believe it was archdiocese wide. The video by our archbishop mentioned absolutely nothing about the day and John Paul II was here some 25 years ago and was apparently a good friend of a previous archbishop here. That’s why it seems particularly frustrating.

Yes, I need to work on myself first, and pray for our shepherds.

Thanks again.


Have you considered that the bishop may have produced his video well in advance of Divine Mercy Sunday and that it only happened to be played for the parishes on that Sunday? IOW, while you were anticipating Sunday Mass to be focused on DMS, the archdiocese didn’t have that same focus since celebrating DMS is optional. Even my own parish, which is quite orthodox only mentioned DMS in the announcements as an invitation to attend special services later in the day.

I know how you feel, though. When St. Therese of Lisieux was named a Doctor of the Church no mention was made about it on the Sunday on which the honor was bestowed. I was very disappointed, but I have since realized that the celebration of Sunday Mass has primacy over all other celebrations, no matter how good they may be and no matter who has just be elevated to the altar or given special honor. If your parish doesn’t have anything planned for DMS, you might want to see if another parish in your area plans on having a special celebration sometime in the afternoon–this is for next year, of course. :wink:


It wasn’t mentioned in our parish but we did have very large pictures of Divine Mercy and the two new saints prominantly displayed and we had a Divine Mercy service later in the day.


Thanks for prompting my failing memory. :smiley: Ours did something similar. We had a large DM picture prominently displayed at Mass. Holy cards of JXXIII and JPII were passed out after Mass with a DM service announced for later in the day. :thumbsup:

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