Frustration with atheism?

Hey all,
I really hope I’m not the only one who feels this way. I usually find atheists undermining my faith, and I don’t know why. For stupid reasons I get asked the same questions over and over, are you’re stupid, how could you believe that, you’re ignorant- and even ignorant sayings against Christianity like: Chridtianity has done nothing to help the world, we are just setting it back. I think the reason I get so angry about it is because they are such stupid things to say, Christianity has contributited more than anything else in the entire world, if it weren’t for the Catholic Church we wouldn’t have many scientific theories, colleges, schools, any basic education, equality, ect. We always get stereotyped into uneducated, medieval bigots who want to destroy the world with faith. How can I not get offended? I know I should turn the other cheek, but my religion is the basis of who I am, God was there for me at my weakest point, and is still there. What do you do when you hear things like this?

Well, when I hear stuff like this, it kinda just makes me glad to be Catholic. :yup: :slight_smile:

Listen, you’re going to get that from atheists and other non-Catholics a lot. They don’t have natural law or tangible, logical arguments on their side, so that is why they have to resort to insults and name-calling.

Don’t you think its kind of sad though at how mad some of those folks are? I mean, they obviously want us to think they are so smart and enlightened and “above the fray”, but really, they seem pretty miserable, don’t they?

By all means feel free to let them know this. :thumbsup: Just be nice about it.

I doubt most if not all of the individuals you refer to don’t know about the Catholic contribution to the advancement of society. :sad_yes:

One more thing: if they are so confident, have them come on here for some discussions on the Catholic faith. :smiley:

Ditto! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I would recommend you ask them a question. Have them tell you about the God they don’t believe in. Often times they have very warped views of who God is.

There but for the grace of God go I. Makes me grateful God got me out of that pit so I pray for them.

We are here… what do you want to discuss? :slight_smile:

You say something!, not to them, but to God…on so many levels this is a perfect time for prayer…for them and for you,

I usually have two responses for these situations, depending upon the attitude of the person who is slinging the hater-aid.

One type is actually curious to some degree. They have problems with their own faith and on some level legitimately want to know how others have faith. These people sometimes come off a little snarky, but they generally will sit and converse and listen with respect. The whole thing can turn into a conversation, and an opportunity to educate. It never fails to surprise me how many folks dont know the history of the Church, and all of the things it has contributed to the world in the past, and continues to contribute today. There have been several times when I’ve been in this situation and literally saw the ‘lights come on’ behind their eyes as I laid out a bit of history for them.

Unfortunately the other type of person who comes up with these questions is simply a walking internet troll. They don’t really care about your answer, they just want to be smug and snub their nose at Christianity. I don’t know if it gives them some crazy feeling of superiority or what the deal is. Usually I handle them the same way. They spit out questions and lies (I think they are used to dealing with people who don’t know much about their own faith, and expect to ‘stump’ a Christian with their amazing logic…) anyway, once you lay out the truth for them, call them out on the lies, and back up your own point of view with facts, I find that this group usually chooses to roll their eyes, say something non-comittal like “whatever, dude”, and then withdrawl.

Trolls dont like to argue with people who actually know their faith. Like most bullies, they just want someone they can push around, and lose interest when they find that you can stand your own ground.

This tends to be the case for dealing with people in real life too. You need to know your facts and quote some sources and insist on them also knowing facts. You would be surprised how ignorant people are. Most just regurgitate nonsense they get from pop culture, and have never done any research themselves. Sadly, most people are not interested in learning about Christianity’s contribution to the development of the western civilisation (and beyond) and will be happy to remain in their ignorance.

I want to add that you are not alone with feeling frustrated with these people. I am often angry and try to avoid them as much as possible. Prayer is the best way to deal with it, and to always put things in perspective. Don’t take this personally. Christ was rejected by those who saw him work miracles. Nothing has really changed in this world.
This is what I tell myself, a lot :slight_smile:

Would you defend a Catholic who was getting attacked as described in the original post by other atheists?

I personally would defend a Catholic that is being told he is stupid or ignorant, especially if it’s unprovoked. There is no use for conversation or language like that. If a person is already talking with the Catholic about these matters and the person says the Catholic is misinformed, being illogical, or is just plain wrong then (assuming I agree with the person) I would not defend the Catholic.

As far as the OP goes, it’s hard to tell if either A) the people he is talking about are (knowing that he is Catholic) coming up to him, being belligerent, harrassing, or mocking; or B) in debating or arguing with an atheist he finds points being made not showing reverence to his faith. If it’s the former, then I wouldn’t tolerate that. If it’s the latter, then I see no problem.

Are people saying this to your face or are you encountering this online?

Would you defend an atheist who was being attacked in the way atheists have been attacked on this thread?

e.g. “they are such stupid things to say” “They don’t have natural law or tangible, logical arguments on their side, so that is why they have to resort to insults and name-calling” “Don’t you think its kind of sad though at how mad some of those folks are?” “simply a walking internet troll” etc…

Some people on both sides of the debate are stupid, ignorant, rude, trolls and so on. People on both sides of the debate concentrate on these weakest examples of the opposition. Can you really complain about those on the other side who concentrate on the weakest on your side when you are doing the same by concentrating on them? :stuck_out_tongue:

Your point is well taken.
For me, it’s the “behavior” that is offensive (in your face attacks), which have nothing to do with atheism. I see the same behaviors in radically fundamental protestants who say some pretty vile things about Catholics. And indeed, I see some of the same behavior here sometimes from people who say they are Catholic.

I respect other people’s beliefs even if I don’t share them.
I don’t respect attack behavior from anyone.

Not all atheists are alike. Neither are all Catholics.

Do you believe the world began with Adam and eve and is no older than say 6000 years old, dinosaurs lived with man?? Science comes from individuals, label or no outside label … you do realize there are still christians today that believe the earth is the center of the universe and the sun revolves around it. I wouldn’t be surprised to find a “church” that believes the earth is still flat!!!

As an atheist myself I would defend a person’s right to have a faith and to not be required to hide it just as I would defend a person’s right to not have a faith or to have someone else’s faith shoved down their throat. On the other hand, if religion was brought up to me in conversation, then I would ask questions that might seem offensive, even if I do not intend for them to be so. Just a little side note, there is a very large portion of atheists in this nation, especially younger people, yet I doubt most of them argue with you or call you names. Atheists who argue with you and offend you are honestly a minority, it’s not very kind to lump atheists into a category when in reality it’s a small percentage of them.

I can see that coming from different people holding different things/information/concepts to be sacred and there being differences in what constitutes respect or disrespect for the sacred.

Sometimes questions and challenges are motivated by trying to get an understanding. Sometimes they are motivated by trying to ridicule. And questioning some times even if sincere is taken as an offense especially if it’s something near and dear to the person (ex: questioning some one’s style of parenting could be motivated by concern but taken as an insult).

I think problems like this occur across several domains of life.

Duh. There are lots of ignorant people.
Welcome to planet earth.

That is quite true.
Not all atheists are “evangelical” (trying to convert others) vocally hostile in your face bashers of the bible…just as all Christians are not bible-bashing evangelicals hopping down your throat to point out all your sins). Which includes some who post here who purport to be Catholic.
I view both of those as equally obnoxious for their lack of respect and arrogance…

I only get into religious conversations online. I can’t remember the last one I would have had in person. I tend not to talk about it or respond.

If someone really wanted to engage me with this topic I would probably feel the need to work for their rational salvation and help them to see reality and the “good news” that there are no gods, ghosts, fairy, or magic… etc… and because the unseen does no exist neither does heaven or hell. Seems fair as they will be doing the same to me…

Online is a different story. I try very hard to be polite and respectful (especially here as I feel a bit like guest) while I try to understand and also inform, but like all people I sometimes fail and for that I am sorry.

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