FSSP & ICRSS Confession

At parishes run by FSSP & ICRSS is confession in Latin (you know when the priest absolves you of your sins)?



Confession will be in the Old Rite.

The absolution is in Latin but you confess your sins in the vernacular. Just a clarification for those who might be confused.

The blessing in the beginning is also in Latin, isn’t it? I have gone a few times to a traditional priest, and they always pray in Latin at the beginning.

You are correct paramedicgirl. I just wanted to state that the penitent still confesses in English (or the venacular).

I have people ask me how can I understand the homily when I don’t know Latin. I explain that the readings and homily are in English. I tell them the priests reads the epistle and gospel in Latin and then in English. There are people who really don’t know what happens at a Tridentine Mass but will judge it to be obsolete.

How can someone judge something to be obsolete when they don’t know anything about it?

Actually, I find that now I have gone a few times, it’s pretty easy to follow along. I love the way every word and every action has meaning and significance. The booklets are very helpful in understanding this.

I used to work for the organization that distributes red Latin-English Booklet Missals. Coalition in Support of Ecclesia Dei has been printing these booklets since 1989. They also have Latin-Spanish booklets as well as Latin-English booklets for weddings and funerals.

They have many different resources for promoting the Tridentine Mass. I have included their website below.


Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’ve been confessing all my sins in Latin. Somehow they always sounded more, well…sinful. I kinda recite the “number of times” really fast.
Unless the priest is pretending, he always seems to understand.

I confess my sins in Ebonics. I always get absolution that way. :smiley:

What are Ebonics???

Ebonics was this alleged language based on inner city slang.

Here are some English/Ebonics translations:

How are you paramedicgirl?/What up boo?

I’m relaxing at home tonight./I’m chillin at the crib.

She’s very upset./Ol’ girl be trippin. (Trippin can also be used for excited).

I’m teaching you a lesson./I’m schoolin’ you.

Do you have my money sir?/You got my chips G?

I’m going out./I’m kickin’ it.

He is my friend./Ol’ boy’s my homey.

These are just some examples. I will be teaching Ebonics class Thursday evening. Be there because there are no refunds! :smiley:

Thanks for the free lesson! I’m pretty sure we don’t talk like that in Canada. Sounds like inner city slang. What’s the big attraction to people that they would attend a class in it? Or that you would teach one?

(Oh, oh, off topic.)

Notice he don’t xslate sins of various sorts. That’s the part ida pay a tension 2.

:rotfl: (Love your spelling, BTW)

yeah, it would be sweet if you could confess in l33t-speak.


What kind of Penance do traditional Priests give: never been to traditional confession:(

It’s not uncommon to have to pray a portion of the Rosary for penance, but I find it’s the advice that the Traditional priest gives that is most beneficial. They are more likely to give good spiritual guidance that is based on faith and morals than a non-traditional priest. That’s been my experience, anyway.

I’ll put it this way…I’m still doin my penance from 2005. My income tax was a might easier.

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